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The Except Website

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You are currently looking at it: a beautiful and functional website for our happy organization.

Developed by our software architects, web designers and communication specialists, it became exactly what we wanted: snappy, cool, informative and with a back-end that helps us streamline internal communication.


With this website we show that our small crew of talented programmers and web developers can give meaning to sustainability in communication. The site's design has been a collaboration between our designers, communication experts, scientists and programmers.

With an elegant combination of multiple technologies we strive to offer a pleasant experience that naturally delivers what you are looking for.

Managed Content 

You may not see it, but the website runs on an extensive 'Content Management System' (CMS). All people from Except's team can access this, write stories, exchange information and publish important events. The administration sections are easy, require no technical knowledge and all processes are fully automated. 

User experience

Of course, the website needed to look great, and be easy to browse, but we were equally concerned with the ease of use for our internal Except team.  Everything is automatically processed, reducing the worldload on everyone, and requiring virtually no technical knowledge to operate.

Technie bits

For the bit-lovers among you, the website uses a custom developed Django/ Python framework, utilizing several jQuery libraries, built on a LAMP server.



Except Integrated Sustainability

Tijn Schmits
Software Architect & Developer

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  • Gerard Vink

    Communication Strategist