Except Integrated Sustainability

Understand Sustainability

Gain insight into sustainability opportunities  with our sustainability scanning and mapping tools.

Clarity in Complexity

Systems-thinking and system-mapping boost the performance of companies, policies, and material flows.

Envision Beautiful Realities

Design the world of tomorrow with inspired engineers, architects, scientists and artists.

Embedded Ecosystems

Improve perfomance, food provision, and social functions of our cities with embedded ecosystems.

Integrated Sustainability

We provide a full range of sustainability and innovation services for organizations, cities, and industry. We consult, research, design, and manage. Our team includes a wide range of disciplines to thoroughly synchronize with our client's ambitions and reality.

Because we seek optimal solutions for each situation, the results of our work are diverse, ranging from a sustainable sushi menu for a local restaurant to transformation trajectories for cities. What is always the same is our approach; we apply the  Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework, which is a working process and a range of tools to find the root cause of issues and powerful systemic levers for change.

SiD takes into account all aspects of a challenge, and enables a deeper understanding of the complex systems around us, involving stakeholders into the process. Using SiD, we find key strategies to realize effective change for less, and new ways to orchestrate the way we live, work, play, eat, produce, and prosper.

Using SiD we combine knowledge from different experts and stakeholders to deliver sustainable innovation.

Working areas
Sustainable Places
Sustainable Places
  • Regions
  • Cities
  • Buildings
Sustainable Organizations
Sustainable Organizations
  • Companies
  • Governments
  • Communities
Sustainable Sectors
Sustainable Sectors
  • Agriculture
  • Circular Industry
  • Software & Apps
Integrated Project Management
Integrated Project Management
  • Develop from idea to execution.
Analysis & Strategy
Analysis & Strategy
  • Resilient short and long term action plans.
Concept & Design
Concept & Design
  • Integrated concepts and powerful designs using co-creation.
Business models & Feasibility
Business models & Feasibility
  • Realistic circular business models with true-value integration.
Stakeholder Involvement & Training
Stakeholder Involvement & Training
  • Involve parties throughout value chains for support and impact.
Tools & Software
Tools & Software
  • Work faster and smarter with systemic tools, apps and workshops.

Signature Services

These services are a special selection of our finest ingredients, tailored for specific applications. They combine unparalleled speed, affordability and rigor for sustainability analysis, development, design and strategy.

Integrated Quickscan for Sustainability (IQs)

Boost your Sustainability IQ

The Integrated Quickscan for Sustainability (IQS) provides complete strategic insight into your company’s performance in a single scan.

This enables ...

Future-proof buildings

Revolution in renovation

One of the great challenges to achieve long term sustainability consists of converting our existing building stock to a sustainable ...

Innovation Communities for Sustainability (ICS)

Innovative business models for a dynamic world

Innovation communities (ICs) combine the best of the corporate world with the best of the entrepreneurial spirit. These flexible business ...

Knowledge Management & Software

Harness the opportunities of the network

With rapid software developments in the world, do you have a grasp on software and online technologies? Which applications are ...

Island Renaissance (IR)

Enabling resilient and flourishing island communities

Island communities are vulnerable to rapid changes in economy, climate, fuel prices, material supply, and tourism trends. The Island Renaissance ...

Urban Renaissance

Sustainable city and neighborhood redevelopment

Urban Renaissance is a redevelopment system that can turn neighborhoods, cities, and regions into beautiful self-sufficient places where people want ...

Industry & Food

Guiding our production systems to the next generation

Enable resilient, circular, and healthy industries

The industrial revolution left us with a radically different world, with its benefits and ...

Mid-sized City Renaissance

Integrated action plans for fast urban improvement

The Mid-sized City Renaissance program delivers urban strategies that create short term results and long term performance increase in a ...

Sustainable Estates

Bringing your home and estate to life

The world around our homes is changing rapidly. From concerns about energy and water shortage, air pollution, health and safety, ...