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We realize beautiful places to love, work, and play. Cities and buildings ready to face the future;  healthy and safe, self-powered, regenerative, and inspiring to behold.

Since 1999 we develop exemplary sustainable cities, buildings, regions, neighborhoods, resorts, and islands. We guide the process from soaring vision to practical realization with solid science, engineering, design, and process management. 

Cities and regions

  • Urban ReGen
    Converting existing cities and neighborhoods  into sustainable places

  • UltraCities
    Newly designed, high performance cities and neighborhoods 

  • Urban Design & Planning
    Services for sustainable towns, cities, regions & countries

  •  Island Renaissance
    Services for autonomous communities, rural areas, and island communities

Estates and buildings

  • Catalytic Buildings 
    The next generation of sustainable buildings that boost the sustainability of entire areas

  • Future-Proof Buildings 
    Exemplary sustainable new and redeveloped offices, apartments, schools,  and utilities

  • Sustainable Estates
    Realizing beautiful, healthy, and secure sustainable private homes and estates

  • Regen Resorts  
    Creating the future of  sustainable tourism, hotels, resorts, festivals, and  leisure


How do we achieve long term sustainable places? We use an integrated approach that combines science, engineering, business, social and environmental innovation. This takes into account challenges such as climate adaptation, employment, energy, and economic resilience .

The resulting strategies are derived from the local context, work better to serve local stakeholder' needs, and result in doing more with less. This allows for achieving better results, in a shorter timeframe, with less investment, that lasts longer.


Cocreation with Stakeholders

To achieve this integrated approach tight cooperation with major shareholders is critical. Throughout the development process, stakeholders on various levels are involved intimately using cocreation sessions, managed by experienced facilitators. This approach saves developers and policy makers time, streamlines communication, and aligns vision, ambition, and requirements quickly.

Multi-disciplinary approach

The integrated process is supported by teams with a wide range of disciplines, covering the areas of science and research, design and engineering, as well as business development and project management. This allows for 360 degree solid projects that are innovative on one end, and realistic, feasible and manageable on the other.


Reference Projects

Sustainable Schiebroek-Zuid

Redevelopment of post-war social housing

We developed a sustainabile conversion and development plan for the post-war social housing area Schiebroek-Zuid in Rotterdam.  The project provides a flexible and exemplary roadmap for converting the neighborhood into a self-sufficient and sustainable area. It applies innovative energy solutions, urban farming, social and economic programs, secondary currencies, and adaptive redevelopment strategies.

This project was commissioned by housing corporation Vestia and agricultural research network InnovatieNetwerk.

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San Francisco Transbay / Salesforce Park

World's largest ecological rooftop park

The San Francisco Transbay Center redevelopment project realizes the world’s largest rooftop park in the center of one of the world’s most exciting cities: Salesforce Park. The concept, developed by Except together with Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, restructures an existing transport hub into a beacon of beauty, biodiversity, and health.  The project started in 2007 and the park opened in 2019.

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Vision on Sustainable Public Transportation

An action plan for the city region of Rotterdam

How can public transportation contribute to resilient and sustainable cities and communities?

With a team of Public Transportation stakeholders and experts in the city region of Rotterdam we developed a vision on how this can be done. The vision came into being through several intense collaborative sessions, and is used to engage new stakeholders and move the agenda forward towards the most sustainable public transport system in the world.

Download the vision booklet below (sorry, only in Dutch).

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Vision National Park Oostvaardersplassen

Framework for Park Management and Nature Conservation

For Staatsbosbeheer  (the Dutch nature management agency), Flevoland Province, and the municipalities of Almere and Lelystad, we developed a vision document for the future development of Oostvaardersplassen National Park in the Netherlands. The document offers a vision, mission, performance goals, and principles for a national park that will be internationally acclaimed by 2030 for its ecological sustainability, societal value, and economic resilience. A accompanying Inspiration Booklet introduces interesting practices from around the world to offer inspiration and specific  ideas for actions to realize the formulated perfromance goals.

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Arkna Eco-Park Masterplan

Self sustaining tourism community in Estonia

In Rakvere, Estonia, we developed the masterplan for the 671 Ha self-reliant Arkna Eco-Park. The park is built on a historical site tracing back to 1527, and becomes a primary tourist destination in the country, including a Polydome sustainable agriculture system.  

We worked with  Arkna Eco-Park to build a complete masterplan template for years to come, including its marketing strategy, identity, logos and brochures, closed loop metabolism, food system, event program, and design guidelines.

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Schiphol-Oost Pioneer Park

Vision and strategy for sustainable transformation of a business park at Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was born at Schiphol-Oost, over 100 years ago. Today it is a business park that could use more atmosphere and vision. With limited identity, it does not distinguish itself from other business parks in the surrounding area. In collaboration with Schiphol Real Estate (SRE), Except developed a vision and strategy for Schiphol-Oost for the coming 5 to 10 years. The vision transforms Schiphol-Oost to an innovation-garden for the entirety of Schiphol, named Pioneer Park.

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The Self-driving City

How autonomous driving benefits sustainable urban society

Self-driving vehicles will change the urban environment drastically. The Self-driving City Research uncovers insights into the major changes, and how to adopt to them. Who will use self driving vehicles, what are their effects on the urban fabric, business, and on us all, the people? We show patterns and lessons learnt as well as five local in-depth case studies. All freely available below. The project is funded by The Dutch Creative Industry Fund, supported with knowledge from local governments, universities and industries. 

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The Future of Sterkenburg

Medieval castle Sterkenburg innovates a new future

Historic sites struggle to find business models that protect and optimize their cultural heritage in a rapidly changing world. The owners of the medieval castle of Sterkenburg in Driebergen decided to take up this challenge, looking for new ways to reignite its economic and social value. They engaged a multidisciplinary group of sustainability experts from Except Integrated Sustainability, who developed a special program to help historic sites unearth their opportunities. The resulting roadmap delivers concrete, immediate cost savings in the short term, and new ways for the castle to play a role in both today’s, and tomorrow’s society.

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