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Symbiosis in Development (SiD) book launched

Sep 17, 2019

First complete sustainable development framework now in one book  

After 10 years of work, the first complete book on Symbiosis in Development (SiD) is launched. It is the first A to Z handbook for systemic sustainable development, capturing experience of over 700 projects worldwide. It covers all aspects of the sustainable development process, from theory to practice, supported by dozens of examples and use cases, and over 100 unique hand-made illustrations and diagrams.


the Tomorrow Times - 20 Years in Sustainability - September ‘19

Sep 12, 2019

News about the future today  

Except turns 20 this month. This Tomorrow Times looks back two decades in the sustainability field, and wonders: what happened? Sustainability went from niche to buzzword, and now sustainable development is on a journey to establish itself as the new normal. 


X|X Except 20th Anniversary Celebration

Aug 12, 2019

Join us in celebrating 20 years of integrated sustainability  

This year, Except turns 20. For the past two decades, we existed to create the foundations of a sustainable society. As one of the first integrated sustainability organizations in the world, we want to celebrate this milestone with all of you in a truly Except fashion. Please register your attendance, dinner and workshops  via   this link.


The Tomorrow Times - Circular & Bio Economy - August ‘19

Aug 07, 2019

News about the future today  

This month, the Tomorrow Times investigates the world of the circular economy and bio-based products. Imagine businesses and societies which not only produce zero waste,  but also  enable industries to give back more than what they take from the environment through innovative technologies and business models. Alongside changes in regulatory systems and individual behaviours, the implementation of circular solutions lies at the heart of sustainable progress.


(CLOSED) Open position: Trainee Industrial Ecology

Jul 29, 2019

Become part of our Science Team  

You love looking at entire systems, dream about material and energy flows, and you can't stop talking about numbers and figures. You are the first to note that sustainability can't be looked at from an object level only. You want to put your skills to work and change the world around you.   You speak the language of system maps. You would also like to get equipped with  the necessary tools to approach personal growth, complex problems, and translate these into powerful solutions that will be applied in practice. You can reach these goals by joining us at Except Integrated Sustainability. 


The Tomorrow Times - Blue & Green Infrastructures; resilience inspired by nature - July ‘19

Jul 03, 2019

News about the future today  

This month, the Tomorrow Times explores issues rooted in urban and rural development, and integrated solutions inspired by nature. Imagine infrastructures that enable us to live, work, and play in healthy urban environments, while contributing to the regeneration of the biosphere. While there are no easy paths, diverting from purely “grey” solutions and going back to nature might reveal itself a rather promising starting point.  


Except Academy Launches at Duurzame Week

Jun 20, 2019

With an intimate session on integrated sustainability  

Tijdens de Duurzame Week lanceerde Except Integrated Sustainability de Except Academy. De Except Academy is opgericht om de kennis en leiderschapscapaciteiten op het gebied van duurzaamheid te vergroten; wat nodig is om een duurzame samenleving op te bouwen.


the Tomorrow Times - UN: Critical Biodiversity Limits Reached - June ‘19

Jun 04, 2019

News about the future today  

This month, the Tomorrow Times joins the conversation surrounding new critical biodiversity news: what the UN has just discovered, and what it means for humanity.

"Just 50 years ago, we finally ventured to the moon. For the very first time, we looked back at our own planet, since then, the human population has more than doubled. When human beings built their first settlement, some 10,000 years ago, the world around them on the land and in the sea was full of life. For generations, this stable Eden nurtured our growing civilizations. Now, in the space of just one human lifetime, all that has changed."


Persbericht Katalytische Gebouwen

Mei 23, 2019

Een Nieuwe Generatie Duurzame Gebouwen  

Om steden in de 21e eeuw te verduurzamen moeten gebouwen niet alleen in hun eigen bestaan voorzien, maar ook hun directe omgeving mee omhoog stuwen. Except Integrated Sustainability, experts in integrale duurzaamheid, lanceert op 21 juni in Utrecht Community een nieuw, innovatief concept genaamd ‘Katalytische Gebouwen’.


Except Integrated Sustainability partner van Duurzame Week

Mei 22, 2019

15-22 juni 2019, Utrecht  

Dit jaar vindt de vierde editie van de Duurzame Week in Utrecht plaats. Van 15 tot en met 22 juni worden in de hele stad verschillende activiteiten en evenementen georganiseerd.  Omring jezelf met alles wat te maken heeft met duurzaamheid en het creeëren van een duurzame toekomst. Wij zijn dit jaar trotse partner van  de Duurzame Week en hosten twee evenementen in onze energieneutrale en ciculaire kantoorgebouw. Beide evenementen  laten zien wat systeemdenken  en integrale duurzaamheid  inhoudt en daarnaast zal het Utrecht Community (UCo) voor duurzame pioneers op de kaart zetten. De evenmenten zijn in het Nederlands. 


(Closed) Open Position: Assistant Office Manager

Mei 13, 2019

3 days per week in Utrecht  

Are you our new dynamic assistant jack-of-all-trades office manager?  We're expanding rapidly, and our team needs support on many different aspects working on a sustainable society. Are you responsible, communicative, love managing lots of to-do's, and ready to jump in to support our awesome team?  Then we have a job for you, for 3 days a week in Utrecht, with room to grow into the future.


the Tomorrow Times - May ‘19

Mei 01, 2019

Global Food Security  

Alongside your monthly update of systemic sustainability news, the May edition of the Tomorrow Times explores the global developments surrounding food security, sustainability, and innovation in the agricultural sector.  


the Tomorrow Times - March ‘19

Mrt 31, 2019

Sustainable Development Goals  

This month, the Tomorrow Times explores how businesses are bringing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the mainstream. We highlight the traps which businesses fall into as well as the trillion dollar opportunity for those stepping up to the challenge. Plus as always, your monthly digest of global systemic sustainability news.


Open Position: Graphic, Illustrator, Infographics Designer

Mrt 03, 2019

Opportunity for in-house designer in Utrecht  

We seek an experienced graphic designer, with a strong affinity for infographics, and the ability to do hand-sketching. Metrics, infographics, visualizations, animations and other tools are your way of expressing yourself. You enjoy making beautiful publications and documents in InDesign, supported by enticing illustrations. The  ideal candidate has an affinity for sustainability, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Experience with  copywriting, 3D rendering  in movie making, architecture design documents, and/or urban planning documents are a plus. Dutch writing and speaking skills are required, and the position is in Utrecht, the Netherlands.


Open Position: Business Development and Sales Manager (Senior)

Mrt 03, 2019

Opportunity for an experienced professional to grow with us into the future  

Except Integrated Sustainability is a rapidly expanding development, design and innovation consultancy.  During a period of careful growth,    we seek an experienced business developer that shares our values, drive and ambition. The position is in  Utrecht, the Netherlands, and  offers long term growth opportunities towards partnership.


Catalytic Buildings White Paper

Feb 25, 2019

Tuning in to the Construction Sector's "Music of Tomorrow"  

Except Integrated Sustainability launches a new approach to sustainable urban development: Catalytic Buildings. A Catalytic Building helps to ‘sustainify’ an existing urban fabric. Going beyond energy-neutral buildings, a Catalytic Building enhances the autonomy, resilience and/or the equity of the system within which it exists – be it a single neighbourhood or an entire city.  


SiD Integrated Sustainability Training | April; June; September; October

Feb 20, 2019

Three day ‘Symbiosis in Development’ Certification Course  

How do you create value with sustainability? We are proud to present our renewed Symbiosis in Development (SiD) integrated sustainability training, hosted by Freek van der Pluijm, a well-rounded facilitator for organizational change with over a decade of experience in the field of sustainability, strategy and complexity.


the Tomorrow Times - Jan ‘19

Feb 10, 2019

Urban Development Beyond Sustainability  

We introduce to you, our brand new newsletter, the Tomorrow Times. Get updated monthly on critical news about the future. Each edition informs you on the latest happenings, trends, and innovations in the field of systemic sustainability. The theme of this month is: Urban Development Beyond Sustainability.


New Year, New Path Forwards

Jan 21, 2019

New Year Newsletter 2019  

Dear exceptional people,

We are thrilled to wish you all a happy new year. And what a year it has been! You may have noticed, we’ve had a period of radio silence. This is because we’ve restructured completely since the start of 2018. And it's rolling like an avalanche into 2019.


Vacature: Senior Projectmanager

Dec 14, 2018

Open positie voor een ervaren change agent voor duurzame organisaties  

Except is expanding with projects that shape the future of sustainable development in many different organizations. This is a special and unique opportunity for an experienced project manager with a passion for effecting change in companies and governments to join us, on a possible track to partnership. We seek someone that shares our ambition and values, is a strong and inspiring leader, has experience with circular economy, writing, and likes to be responsible for multidisciplinary teams. 


Converting Scientific Knowledge into Practice

Dec 03, 2018

Key barriers to a sustainable transition  

In this article, we get curious about the divergence between science and practice. Particularly, we focus on what hinders the implementation of theory in the field of sustainability. Herein, we aim to shine a light on how you can use science as the basis for a shift in your organization, what might hinder that process, and how integrated sustainability theories such as Symbiosis in Development can bridge these gaps.


Open Positions: Two Researchers (Closed)

Nov 23, 2018

Blue Green Infrastructure: Backbone of future green developments and circular economy in the EU  

Are you a young professional who would like to get equipped with the necessary tools to approach personal growth, complex problems and translate these into powerful solutions that will be applied in practice? You could reach these goals by joining our project at Except Integrated Sustainability. We are looking for two young professionals with aspirations to science, data and entrepreneurship who could help us realize the project ‘Blue-Green Infrastructure’ - the backbone of the future European Union green developments and circular economy. 


Open Position: Science Communications Internship (Closed)

Nov 22, 2018

Writer and Editor  

Except is expanding with projects that are to shape the future of sustainable development in various places around the world. We are looking for passionate and exceptional interns at the beginning of their scientific career. We are seeking someone who shares our mission to build the foundations of a sustainable and resilient society and who has an affinity for data or writing in a scientific manner.


Open Position: Data Analyst Intern (Closed)

Nov 22, 2018

Science Team Internship  

Except is expanding with projects that are shaping the future of sustainable development in various regions around the world. We are looking for passionate and exceptional interns which are at the beginning of their scientific career in the field of sustainability. We are seeking candidates who share our mission to build the foundations of a sustainable, resilient society and who have an affinity for data or writing in a scientific manner.


Science and Development

Nov 19, 2018

World Science Day  

To celebrate World Science Day for Peace and Development, Except Integrated Sustainability explores informed decision making and future planning. This piece is the first in a series of three articles which dive deep into scientific-driven development and the use of integrated sustainability in the process.


Designing The City of the Future

Sep 03, 2018

Venice Biennale  

Except Integrated Sustainability is part of a multidisciplinary team INCITY working on a design study initiated by BNA titled ‘De stad van de toekomst’ (The city of the future). Except’s Antonia Sore has just returned from a two-day session at Venice Biennale organised by BNA, TU Delft and PACT and shares her insights on how architects and design will play a part in sustainable and smart city urban planning.


Hot Summer News 2018

Aug 07, 2018

ReGen Villages, Heineken, Egypt, the Wadden Sea Center, and more  

Dear friends and partners,

In the midst of a heatwave in the Netherlands, and one to come to Europe in August, we’re excited to share some hot news with you. Our ReGen Villages sustainable masterplan got planning approval and was covered by Fast Company. The Wadden Sea Experience Center is making big steps towards realization, we started working with Heineken on making them more sustainable, and kicked off a cooperation with the Egyptian government.

Enjoy this and more news below, and hope to see you soon in our sundrenched office in Utrecht.


SiD Integrated Sustainability Training | 13, 14 and 21 September

Jul 11, 2018

3 day Symbiosis in Development (SiD) certification course  

We are proud to present our renewed Symbiosis in Development (SiD)  integrated sustainability training, hosted  by Freek van der Pluijm, a well-rounded facilitator for organizational change with over a decade of experience in the field of sustainability, strategy and complexity.

Join an intimate group of professionals in a  2+1-day training to deepen your knowledge and understanding of sustainability. Symbiosis in Development  (SiD) is a framework that focuses on the question: what is sustainability really, and how can we implement it for short term gain and long term results? In the workshop you get hands-on with SiD, and learn how to apply its principles in real world cases.  Participants receive an official SiD certificate upon completion.


Open position: junior PR/Marketing specialist

Mei 22, 2018

Opportunity for Entrepreneur  

We are looking for a PR and Marketing specialist for 1-2 days a week. We, Except Integrated Sustainability, are a company of about 15 people working on innovative, pioneering projects aimed to boost the sustainability of our society. We want to spread our knowledge for the people that need our support to get to know us, but currently we really suck at informing our audience. Are you a junior PR/Marketing specialist with a heart for sustainability ready to boost us into the future?


Except News: Bring in the new!

Feb 27, 2018

Looking back on 2017, speeding forward into 2018  

Dear friends and partners,

we love to update you with highlights of last year and some exciting news for this one. We look back on a transformative year completing 39 projects, a changed business model with a new team of full time staff, and launching 3 new service trajectories for sustainable cities, organizations, and industry.

We’re also anjoying glorious morning sun rays into our new office in the city of Utrecht, UCo, providing a new ecosystem of sustainable partners. Read below on all the juicy bits, and hopefully see you all soon in our new offices.


Except Update Q2 '17: UCo & IKEA's supply chain

Mei 08, 2017

Our 18th Birthday Edition  

Dear friends and partners,

From our sunny new office in Utrecht, we wish you a great spring of 2017. Did you know that this year Except turns 18? We hope you’ve all received our  invite to join us in celebration on May 18th at 19:00,    and see a sneak preview of our new UCo office in a self-developed energy neutral monument, formerly a train depot. 

With this newsletter a small update of what we’ve been up to. Enjoy, and see you the 18th.


Wormfood - February 2017 - A positive year

Feb 13, 2017

Global News Digest  

What better way to stay updated on sustainability than the February wormfood? Discover all about eco-friendly innovations, how Canada guarantees environmental control for natural gas projects, the solution of Tesla to store sun energy, and optimal walking and cycling speeds to reduce air pollution inhalation. African leaders plan mass withdrawal from international criminal court and new technology could guarantee easy carbon capture from ambient air.

Read all about it in this wormfood. Want to get it first? Make sure to Subscribe.


­­Wormfood – December, 2016

Jan 12, 2017

Global News Digest  

What is a better way to remember 2016 than the December wormfood? Discover how Sweden is trying out a six-hour working day, Google supports renewables and the biodiversity of microbes and invertebrates. Climate change will bring wetter storms in U.S and Lego evolves to keep the page with digital trends. Robot are ‘stealing’ jobs and limiting our privacy.


Read all about it in this wormfood. Want to get it first? Make sure to Subscribe.


­­Wormfood – November, 2016

Dec 13, 2016

Global News Digest  

Welcome to the November wormfood.

Some of the remarkable things that happened over the last month: natural gas and renewables are taking over oil. Discover how global warming is threatening genetic diversity and the killing of animals can help to sensibilize  over meat consumption. Virtual eating is becoming the next big trend in weight loss and co-working spaces are booming in China.

Read all about it in this wormfood. Want to get it first? Make sure to Subscribe.


Integrated Sustainability: Symbiosis in Development (SiD) Workshop

Nov 21, 2016

Getting you ready for your next sustainability project  


Grid Night - Little things that matter

Nov 14, 2016

Looking back on Micropia Grid Night: little things can do great deeds  

Last week Except took her friends and business partners on a tour at Micropia, to celebrate “Little things that matter”. In light of a recent  publication on Medium about how an algae can save a town - the Merredin Spirulina project -  we took closer look at all those small things.


­­Wormfood – October, 2016

Nov 11, 2016

Global News Digest  

Welcome to the October wormfood.

Some of the remarkable things that happened over the last month: Africa is threatened by pollution more than malnutrition. Discover how Airbnb is promoting solar energy and sustainable cotton is spreading into the global market. Electricity could be stored in hot water while Venus could give home to human life.

Read all about it in this wormfood. Want to get it first? Make sure to Subscribe.


­­Wormfood – September, 2016

Okt 07, 2016

Global News Digest  

Welcome to the September wormfood. We collected some intriguing news to inspire you.

Some of the remarkable things that happened over the last month: Paris climate agreement is closer to reality while climate change is jamming the world's ocean circulation. Human-made ecosystems are evolving, starting from the introduction of more robots in agriculture to the realization of a rainforest in the desert. Our health is threatened by an undiversified diet and UN is seeking for antibiotic-free meat while the Monsanto monopoly of seeds production is going to the chemical company Bayer.

 Read all about it in this wormfood. Want to get it first? Make sure to  Subscribe.


Wormfood - July and August - 2016

Sep 08, 2016

Global News Digest  

Hi all. It has been a nice summer and we may have enjoyed it a little bit too much. So you’re getting two wormfoods for the price of one!

Some of the remarkable things that happened over the last two months: funds generated by the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ has led to a discovery in neurodegenerative disease research. Sadly, in the animal world, insect populations and lemurs are in danger. Learn about the Uber business model apocalypse, chemistry becoming greener and the first ever accident with a self-driving car.

 Read all about it in this wormfood. Want to get it first? Make sure to  Subscribe.


Let the Numbers Speak: Except 2015/16 Review

Jul 25, 2016

Yearly review of Except's impact  

Dear friends and partners,

This summer we're thrilled to update you with a tremendously moving year, and an even more exciting one ahead.

Below we uncover some of our largest projects for the first time, and show their impact in creating the foundations for a sustainable society. We thank you for your continued support by showing you some of the numbers behind what we’re achieving in ‘Let the Numbers Speak’.

I hope you enjoy this review, crafted with the aid of all Exceptionals. Enjoy!


Kom ook naar de Border Sessions

Jun 29, 2016

Internationaal festival over technologie en samenleving  

Onderzoek hoe nieuwe technologieën onze toekomstige samenleving vormen en ontmoet de vernieuwers die het mogelijk maken. Wij zijn er trots op één van deze vernieuwers te zijn.


De zelfrijdende stad

Mei 26, 2016

De impact van zelfrijdende auto's op de stad  

Kan de zelfrijdende auto bijdragen aan een duurzame stedelijke samenleving? Nu de WePod en Google car niet meer uit het nieuws weg te denken zijn, komt deze vraag steeds sterker naar voren. Zelfrijdende voertuigen hebben de potentie in de toekomst 100% verkeersveilig te zijn. Ze zoeven schoon en stil door de straten en bieden vervoer voor alle doelgroepen voor een lage prijs. Maar hoe ver is deze toekomst van ons verwijderd en wat kunnen we doen om de ontwikkelingen te versnellen?


Grid Night - Let's Move!

Mei 25, 2016

How will we be moving in the future?  

Have you ever wondered what cities in the future will look like? Will they be dreamy cities in the sky or the sea, or small practical rooms in large buildings like in 5th Element? Have you ever imagined how we will move around? Will humans evolve to static and overweight beings sitting all day on a self-driving device that will take them everywhere, like in Wall-E? Or perhaps we will become like Ironman, flying around?


Trashform Yourself!

Feb 29, 2016

Our latest Grid night invited you to reuse your waste.  

 On February 11th, we invited you to a night of unusual fun. Held in the intimacy of Rotterdam Collectief, our networking night called onto creativity: our guests made costumes out of trash.


Nieuwjaarswens: een PR professional

Jan 19, 2016

Met spoed op zoek naar zelfstandige PR professional om ons team te versterken.  

We zijn goed bezig: we bouwen aan projecten waar we trots op zijn verspreid over de wereld en ons team groeit. Onze PR inspanningen blijven echter achter. We willen dat de wereld van ons bestaan weet en onze kennis over systemische duurzaamheid gebruikt om te verbeteren.

Daarom willen we graag samenwerken met een PR professional om samen verder te groeien. Vloeiend in het Engels en Nederlands, help jij onze opgedane kennis te verspreiden en mensen te inspireren met onze showcases.


Grid Night - Cities Go Wild - Part II - Urban Biodiversity

Sep 14, 2015

A pollination of inspiration about urban biodiversity  

Green Business Club Utrecht Centraal en Except sloegen de handen ineen bij de organisatie van Grid Night Cities go Wild. Gezamenlijk namen we het fenomeen stedelijke biodiversiteit onder de loep in een middag en avond vol inspirerende kruisbestuiving. Hoe krijgen we stadsnatuur fundamenteel ingebed in de gebiedsontwikkeling en het dagelijks beheer van het Utrecht Centraal gebied? En waarom is dat waardevol?


Grid Night – Cities Go Wild deel I

Jun 25, 2015

Almost Summer Edition  

Wat hebben een boomstem, een korte quiz, een snelle origami workshop en een insecten hotel gemeen met een herbestemd zwembad, funky muziek en veel alcohol? Dat klopt, helemaal niets. Echter tijdens Except's Grid Night 'Cities Go Wild deel I' combineerden we deze onderwerpen als een huldebetuiging aan biodiversiteit in de stedelijke omgeving.


Detroit Urban Regen Launched

Jun 09, 2015

Dutch Agri-food and Greenhouse Technology Trade Mission to Detroit  

25 organizations from the Dutch agriculture, food, and greenhouse technology sectors visited Detroit on May 31, 2015 on a trade mission led by Simon Smits, Vice Minister for Foreign Trade of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The mission was part of the official visit to the United States of Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. At the mission, the Detroit Urban Regen project launched, forming the basis of new partnerships between Dutch and American organizations.


Co-creatie sessie: IJtunnel wordt de leukste fietstunnel ter wereld

Mei 26, 2015

Denk mee over het Programma van Mogelijkheden | 9 juni 2015 | Meet Berlage, Amsterdam  

Amsterdam heeft een nieuwe oplossing nodig voor het oversteken van het IJ. Veerboten draaien overuren om fietsers en voetgangers te vervoeren naar het populaire noorden van Amsterdam. Stadsstromen en Except hebben een voorstel ingediend om een gedeelte van de  IJtunnel om te bouwen tot fietstunnel. Ons ontwerp voor "Sprong over 't IJ" is door een onafhankelijke adviescommissie lovend ontvangen. 


Except joins trade mission to Detroit

Mei 24, 2015

Dutch Agri-Food and Greenhouse Technology Trade Mission  

Simon Smits, Vice Minister for Foreign Trade of the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, leads a trade mission to Detroit on May 31, 2015, featuring 25 organizations from the Dutch agriculture, food, and greenhouse technology sectors. The trade mission takes place on the eve of the official visit to the United States of Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.

Under the theme “Feeding the City & Healthier Food,” the mission aims to establish business relations and partnerships between Dutch organizations and their American counterparts. Except co-organizes the trade event with the ministry.


Grid Night - Transitions

Jan 30, 2015

A theatrical evening to celebrate Except's fifteenth birthday  

“All good things come to an end”

…or, do they?

We wish our latest Grid Night never had to end, but well, that's not the kind of universe we live in. The very first  Grid Night of 2015 was all about the good things that endure, transform and evolve over time.  We were welcomed at the Maas Theater  where we enjoyed a  lovely meal by La Zia Maria,  after which the real fun started. We were in a theater for a reason after all...


Winter '15 News Update

Jan 22, 2015

Happy birthday to us!  

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners,

It's our fifteenth birthday, and to celebrate we'd love to share this winter update with you, packed with goodies. A new movie, Except Academy founded, almost a dozen new positions and we're giving away some company secrets.... read on.

This is our last conventional newsletter, in two months we'll surprise you with something totally different!


Urban Renaissance founded

Jan 20, 2015

Transforming cities and neighborhoods into resilient communities  

The Urban Renaissance program brings together pioneering public and private organizations in urban transformation, and starts concrete transformations projects, on our own initiative as well as by invitation.

The partners work with stakeholders across the local landscape, apply systems thinking, ecological and social design, circular economies, urban metabolism and resilient design. The results are neighborhoods and communities that flourish and thrive from within, and an acceleration of the necessary transformation towards a sustainable society.


Cycling under water

Jan 15, 2015

Designing a refit for the existing IJtunnel to provide space for cyclists  

Amsterdam needs a new solution for crossing the river IJ. Ferries run overtime to transport cyclists and pedestrians to the up-and-coming North area of Amsterdam. Expensive plans are being made, maybe a high bridge can fix the problem, more ferries, a tunnel or even cable cars. But, the tunnel is already there, we only need to adapt it! 


Except Academy

Nov 06, 2014

It sure is...exceptional  

We offer students who apply for internships or graduation projects at Except, a place at Except Academy. A multidisciplinary team of students is working together on an urban transformation program. We call it an Urban Renaissance (UR) project.


Collectively working on the sustainable transformation of a neighborhood in Rotterdam using a systems approach.

Why we do it:

We believe that problems can be approached in a different way. By looking at the entire system instead of one specific problem, you can point out interventions that contribute to a resilient and flourishing future. Except Academy teaches and inspires the next generation to create the foundations of a sustainable society and together we learn from the process. 


Every team is a multidisciplinary international team of students. The perfect multidisciplinary team has a leader, content expert, creative person and business developer. Each team member brings in their own talents and their own research question.


Every group of students has a few deliverables:

  • Inspiration book: a wide range of ideas for sustainable transformation, e.g. ideas for energy, materials, waste, water, bio-diversity, economy, mobility, cultural development, health and happiness. The inspiration book will be widely spread.
  • Event: for partners and stakeholders, to ensure involvement and to launch ideas.
  • Publication: the research is published in scientific magazines and other media.


We offer 2 trajectories per year: February-June and September-January.


You are welcome to join, but we do ask you to fully commit to this. We do not pay an internship fee, but offer you a unique experience. Please send an e-mail to work@except.nl to apply.



Open position: Program Manager Industry & Food

Okt 13, 2014

Guiding our production systems to the next generation  

The industrial revolution left us with a radically different world, with its benefits and problems. Today, we find that the supply chains we rely on for vital resources are ancient, inefficient, and fragile. Luckily, there are plenty of options to start producing our food, products, and energy in much better ways, closing loops in supply chains, and utilizing nature's power. Do you want to show people how to capitalize on these new value chains and lead the way? Are you working on these issues, and seek a group of experienced professionals to back your projects? Do you want to work, learn and grow in a cooperation of passionate entrepreneurs? Then this is for you.


Grid Night - Get Connected

Okt 11, 2014

A night full of surprises  



Met de voeten in de klei

Jul 23, 2014

Bezoek directieteam DG Milieu en Internationaal  

Dit verslag is geschreven door Marjolein Mann en Saskia Ras van de directie Duurzaamheid van het Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu.

Om in de praktijk te ondervinden wat de circulaire economie, natuurlijk kapitaal en de energieke samenleving met elkaar te maken hebben, ging het directieteam van DGMI maandag 7 juli op werkbezoek in Rotterdam. Van duurzame strategieën om bedrijven, steden en industrie te ontwikkelen, via een moestuin naar de hutspot.


Grid Night – Pass the Torch

Jun 25, 2014

May 28 | Pllek, Amsterdam  

At our biggest Grid Night so far three business leaders pitched their challenges to a diverse audience. The brainstorm sessions moved these questions into a broader discussion. We're glad this inspiring and long night was fueled by great people, diner, music, and drinks.

A special thanks to:


Summer '14 News Update

Jun 25, 2014

From wastewater to torches  

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners,

We hope you are enjoying the summer as much as we do. The past few months are marked by inspiring events we held and exciting new projects we've started. Our team has been expanded with new faces, and some familiar faces have exciting news to share. Sit back, relax and enjoy the read! 


Ontmoet de Rotterdamse Metabolisten

Mei 23, 2014

Op de opening van de IABR in Rotterdam  

De Rotterdamse Metabolisten zijn een samenwerkingsverband van zeven Rotterdamse bureaus die toonaangevend zijn op het gebied van het ontwerpen met de stofwisseling van de stad. Zij presenteert zich tijdens de opening van de IABR op 29 Mei om 13:30 in de Kunsthal in Rotterdam.


Rotterdamse Metabolisten gestart

Mei 15, 2014

De nieuwe beweging voor kringlopen in steden  

De Rotterdamse Metabolisten zijn gesticht op 17 Maart en verenigen zeven Rotterdamse bureau’s die reeds 10 jaar zowel in Nederland als internationaal toonaangevend zijn op het gebied van het ontwerpen met de stofwisseling van de stad.

Samen representeren zij meer dan 50 professionals die dagelijks werken aan onderzoek, ontwerp en realisatie van grensverleggende projecten in het domein van stedenbouw, architectuur en design.

De door hen gedeelde systemische benadering  bevordert kringlopen van stromen, stadslandbouw, organische stedenbouw en veerkrachtige duurzame ontwikkeling.


Spring 2014 News - Natural Capital

Mrt 26, 2014

How much is nature worth?  

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners,

It's spring, time for some sunny news! This edition we focus on the rapid developments in the area of Natural Capital.


Winter Retreat 2014

Mrt 18, 2014

Into the forrest  

Yes we did it again. To celebrate the end of the winter we went to the Veluwe for new inspiration, long nights, good food, dancing, and catch the first sunshine.


Wanted: Project Leader Urban Development

Dec 17, 2013

Know what organic urbanism and systems-thinking mean? Read on...  

We're applying new approaches to neighborhood redevelopment and adaptive reuse of buildings in our Urban Renaissance program. For leading this program we seek someone with leadership skills, an eye for business development, who is strong on content and collaboration. These projects are in different parts of the world and seek the pioneering edge of urban transformation, but the program's base is in Rotterdam.

Please note that this application is not a job offer, but an invitation to join a collective of other independent professionals.


Winter update 2013

Dec 16, 2013

An exciting update for under the tree  

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners,

Winter is coming and just before the end of the year we like to update you on what we've been up to.

We've revamped our internal organization, and launched no less than six new content programmes. Meanwhile, we've released some neat new infographics on wind energy and wastewater, are working on agriculture on sustainable islands, developing software for circular economies, and hosted talks and lectures around the world on systemic innovation and resilient sustainability.

As always, we couldn't do this without the support we are receiving from all over the world. A big thanks to our supporters and partners, and great holidays wishes from all of us.


Grid Night - City of Tomorrow

Okt 28, 2013

October 17 | Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam  

This autumn's Grid Night theme was 'City of Tomorrow'. Our guest speakers tickled, challenged and inspired the audience around 3 main topics "Future Foods", "Future Cities" and "Future Life".

The evening brought together over 100 inspired professionals, and we were thrilled to see so many new connections and partnerships arise. We look forward to taking the next steps with the project ideas that arose during the many conversations that took place until deep into the night.

In 5 minute talks several speakers shared their vision on the City of Tomorrow. After some drinks and chats it was time for brain gymnastics with the "Pub Quiz", and win some fabulous prizes. We ended the night with drinks, bites, and music. We'd like to share a few talks, the pub quiz answers, and some inspiration with you here.


Masterclass City of Tomorrow - Vr 6 december, Amsterdam

Okt 17, 2013

Open inschrijving  

In deze Masterclass werkt u aan de City of Tomorrow. De methode die we gebruiken is gebaseerd op duurzaamheid, systeemdenken en veerkrachtig ontwerpen. Het is een spannende dag vol inspiratie, onverwachte visies en nieuwe inzichten voor uw eigen City of Tomorrow.


Early Autumn 2013 News Update

Okt 02, 2013

A sunny update that brings color and change  

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners,

Fall is around the corner, and while the days get colder, we hope to keep you warm with some exciting news. We have some great new projects, some new events for you, welcomed five lovely new members, and are preparing and exciting new Grid Night for you in Amsterdam.

Thanks again to everyone for the support we are receiving from around the world. A big thanks from all of us!


Spring 2013 News Update

Jun 11, 2013

Springtime sprouts exciting news  

Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

We have a lot to share, with new inspiration and fresh energy in the spring, including updates about new services, projects, a completed Quickscan and we welcome a veritable platoon of new Except members.

As always, we keep being inspired and grateful for the support we're receiving from around the world, thanks from all of us!


Expeditie Groenland

Jun 11, 2013

Duurzaam leiderschap met een toegepaste systeemaanpak  

Groenland dient als case en als inspiratie in een reis voor ondernemende leiders, bij uitstek de omgeving om kennis te maken met de integrale systeemaanpak voor duurzaamheid.

Bij klimaatverandering denken de meeste mensen vooral aan stijgende temperaturen en aan smeltend ijs. Maar er is meer. In Groenland is ook het effect zichtbaar op de natuur, de samenleving, de eeuwenoude cultuur en de economie.

De reis en training in de systeemaanpak bieden u een concreet handelingsperspectief en tijd om na te denken hoe u uw eigen organisatie kunt verduurzamen en hoe u anderen daarbij kan betrekken.


New job positions at Except

Mrt 13, 2013

Seeking intrepid entrepreneurs  

We're on a roll! With projects developing in the Netherlands, USA and Asia at the same time, we are going to need some talented new additions to our team. We've been busy adding some amazing new people to our team and training them, but it's not enough. Can you help us out?

We're seeking high and low to find the best independent professionals to aid us to develop these projects. Perhaps you can help us out by forwarding this to anyone you know that fit the descriptions below.


SiD Winter Workshops: Hotel New York

Feb 25, 2013

Sustainability workshop on location  

This year we held our annual SiD sustainability workshop for new Except members in Hotel New York: how to make the most sustainable restaurant/hotel? 


Winter Retreat 2013

Feb 20, 2013

Yum forests!  

Part of Except's crew went to the Veluwe National park to pick up some inspiration in the grey days of winter in a forest. Long nights, good food, dancing, and lots of hugs ensued...


RecoveryPark Detroit site visit

Feb 06, 2013

Urban recovery in progress...  

Except and the Dutch RecoveryPark NL team visit RecoveryPark and the Detroit urban renewal locations.


Except's 13e verjaardag

Jan 02, 2013

Een decennium in stijl  

Dear friends, as one of Except's youngest members, I have the pleasure to thank you for the great celebration of our 13th birthday, and amazing to see all your warmth and support.

It has truly been 13 years of unbelievable speed, innovation, collaboration and amazing discoveries. - Erik



Autumn 2012 News update

Okt 24, 2012

Massive update, fall is blooming....  

Dear friends, colleagues and partners,

Yes, sorry for the wait, but here's a massive update; enjoy!

We're happy to update you on important changes this fall: new projects, articles, as well as our new investment projects, and changes in management.

This autumn proves to be an extraordinary time, as we see thrilling new projects around the world, an expansion of our services (with the IQS and Sustainable Island Scan), solidify relationships with partners (such as Eneco, DNV, DGN and Overview BV), and with tons of updates and articles.

As always, we keep being inspired and grateful for the support we're receiving from around the world, thanks from all of us!


New website & identity

Jun 19, 2012

A fresh summer start  

Dear colleagues, friends and partners,

Just a short message from us, because we're very excited to have launched a brand new website and identity.  

It offers not just some insight in the projects we've been working on in the last decade, but also articles and a much clearer insight on... well... what it is we actually do!

We cordially invite you to check out our new home-on-the-internets, and let us know what you think. Of course also available in Dutch.


Grid Night - Go with the Flow

Jun 10, 2012

Flowing through Stadhuisplein  

Every now and then Except organizes Grid Nights for everyone in our network. The goal is to meet, talk, inspire and have fun. Our second Grid Night of 2012 was an amazing gathering of people that together went 'into the flow'....


Grid Nite - Money

Mrt 20, 2012


The first Except Grid-Nite of 2012 was awesome thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us, play the trading game and listen to Tijn’s presentation of alternative currencies. Tom also presented Except’s new identity and website.


Nominated for Buckminster Fuller prize!

Feb 20, 2012

Polydome receives acclaim.  

Two weeks ago we told you we were nominated for a very special prize, but couldn’t tell you which one yet. Now we’re thrilled to share with you that we’ve been nominated for the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Prize for Polydome.

As we are entering the next phase of the review process, our project has been published in the Buckminster Fuller Idea Index 1.0. Our press release can be found here in English, and here in Dutch.


Except in the News


Wormfood is Except's bi-weekly world news digest, collecting pivotal news stories from around the world. Subscribe here

Wormfood - Feb 29 2016 - The good, the bad, and the ugly

29 Feb, 2016

Mixed messages this month. Exciting news and global stress make for a colorful news-soup for this wormfood. The UN stresses that we need to eat less meat if we're to counter the effects of global climate change. Russia is chiming in by wanting to become the world leader in organic food. At the same time, energy from wastewater is making headway, nitrogen emissions are causing worries, and disappearing urban green space is becoming a global concern.

Read all about it in this wormfood.


­­Wormfood – January 26, 2016 – Feeling hot hot hot

26 Jan, 2016

Historic Paris climate deal achieved: nearly 200 nations sign in end of fossil fuel era. This is highly needed because 2015 is again warmer than the year before.  It is also the year in which Scotland, Costa Rica and Uruguay supplied  almost all their energy from renewable sources. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­­Wormfood – November 26, 2015 – China's two-child policy

26 Nov, 2015

China ends one-child policy, pollution lobbyists discuss exploiting the Syrian refugee crisis and a  Canadian city completely eradicates homelessness.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­­Wormfood – October 27, 2015 – Early Life

27 Okt, 2015

Scientists discovered that life emerged 300 million years earlier than previously thought,  Iceland sents 26 top bankers to prison, and botox might limit your emotional capabilities. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­­Wormfood – September 22, 2015 – Three trillion trees

22 Sep, 2015

We have over 3 trillion trees on Earth, Exxon ignored global warming warnings, and apparently moss watching is very relaxing.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­Wormfood  – August 20, 2015 – Earth Overshoot Day

20 Aug, 2015

Humans have exhausted a year’s supply of natural resources in less than eight months, a big toxic water release in the USA, and now is your chance to buy a Spanish village.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­­Wormfood – July 21, 2015 – Eco-warrior Pope Francis

21 Jul, 2015

Pope Francis writes about climate change and social debt in his encyclical, plankton eating plastic caught on camera and underwater greenhouses.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­­Wormfood – May 25, 2015 – (Un)Happy Countries

25 Mei, 2015

 The latest Global Happiness Index is published, renewable energy beats fossil fuels, and  the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill dissolved an island.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­­Wormfood – April 13, 2015 - We need nature

13 Apr, 2015

Nature doesn’t need people, but people need nature. Costa Rica sets renewable energy record and the first head transplant is planned to take place in 2017. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­­Wormfood – March 13, 2015 - The Human Age

13 Mrt, 2015

We might have entered the Anthropocene, a new French law is pushing manufacturers to start designing products that are easier to fix, and an incredible vertical forest is cleaning the air in Turin, Italy. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


­­Wormfood – February 11, 2015 – Doomsday is near(er)

11 Feb, 2015

The doomsday clock is set to three minutes before midnight, water crises is the biggest risk in terms of impact according to the new Global Risks Report, and Anonymous hacks ISIS.

I wish I could bring you happier news, but unfortunately 2015 began with all doom and gloom. 


­­Wormfood – January 7, 2015 – Commodity prices drive Amazon destruction

07 Jan, 2015

Amazon forests suffer from commodity boom, broken renewable energy records, and Taliban leader recruits terrorists through LinkedIn.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – December 1, 2014 - Twenty major trends

01 Dec, 2014

Trends that will define life on our planet for decades, storing energy in molten aluminium lakes, and linking Brazilian kids to American elderly.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – October 31, 2014 - Scarred Environments

31 Okt, 2014

Beautiful photos of landscapes scarred by industry and climate change, a Dutch farmer is growing salt-tolerant potatoes, and the role water played during the start of the Syrian war. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – October 1, 2014 - Are we becoming monsters?

01 Okt, 2014

Our neolibaralistic society is turning us into psychopaths, witness China´s smogpocalypse with your own eyes, and a visual guide to who hates whom in the Middle East. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – September 9, 2014 - Stop wasting food

09 Sep, 2014

An insightful infographic visualizes our wasteful food habits, 22% of our global energy demand is renewable, and Russia's 'sex geckos' die on space mission.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – August 16, 2014 - Amazon tribe seeks help

16 Aug, 2014

An Amazon tribe seeks help against illegal loggers and drug traffickers, race is to be scrapped from Swedish legislation, and a Swedish father takes his two video game loving sons to Israel to teach them the realities of war. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – July 17, 2014 - Second Silent Spring

17 Jul, 2014

Bird declines are linked to popular pesticides, dark snow accelerates climate change, and Ukraine demands the return of combat dolphins from Russia. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – June 24, 2014 - Plunder of the high seas

24 Jun, 2014

Fuel subsidies encourage overfishing, play around with a simulation of system Earth, and should we treat computer programs as legal entities? 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – June 3, 2014 - New Antibiotics to the Rescue

03 Jun, 2014

New antibiotics might divert threat of multiresistant bacteria, great footage of a rare supercell thunderstorm, and China establishes their first environmental court. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – May 13, 2014 – Our Alarming Food Future

13 Mei, 2014

Fresh produce supply is threatened by climate change, the World´s largest nature reserve is established, and the NSA website was hacked.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – April 20, 2014 – Legal rights for nature

20 Apr, 2014

Bolivia is about to give nature legal rights, Swedes start trial with six-hour workdays, and Angela Merkel is not allowed to view her own NSA file.

Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood – April 1, 2014 – Refreezing the Poles

01 Apr, 2014

Environmental science activitsts refreeze the poles, mutated tomatoes threaten Monsanto and a gen is discovered that enables birds to emit WiFi.

Read all about it in this Wormfood. 


Wormfood – March 26, 2014 – Collapse of Civilization

26 Mrt, 2014

We might be heading to a collapse of our civilization, two years of zero poaching in Nepal and get rid of park benches to get parents moving. 

Read all about it in this Wormfood. 


Wormfood – March 4, 2014 – We need bold new systems

04 Mrt, 2014

We need to change our failing systems, sell your personal data and Chihuahuas are terrorizing a US neighbourhood.

Read all about it in this Wormfood. 


Wormfood – February 8, 2014 – Thank you from the Philippines

11 Feb, 2014

Wormfood – January 27, 2014 – The bitter consequences of oceanic destruction

27 Jan, 2014

Oceans are experiencing evolution in reverse, the UN adopts a resolution on online privacy and an oceanographer captured the latest IPCC report in 19 Haiku poems.

Read all about it in this Wormfood. 


Wormfood – January 10, 2014 – Countries facing "extremely high" levels of water stress

10 Jan, 2014

Mapping water stress worldwide, donate bitcoins for the assassination of world leaders and more violent crime against Afghanistan women. Read all about it in this Wormfood.

Also, this Wormfood features a special section on "Threats to Online Freedom". This section is inspired by the Chaos Communication Congress that Tom, Tijn and Chantal visited in December.


Wormfood – December 2, 2013 – Mass walkout during Warsaw U.N. summit

03 Dec, 2013

Environmental groups stage a mass walkout from the Warsaw U.N. climate summit, pope Francis criticizes capitalism and Saudi Arabian man is arrested for giving free hugs. Read all about it in this Wormfood. 


Wormfood - September 21, 2013 – EU being sued for saving bees

23 Sep, 2013

The EU is being sued for temporarily banning pesticides linked a decline in bee populations, a CEO is sharing his $3.25 million bonus with his employees and the world’s first “invisible” tower. Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood - August 21, 2013 – New mammal discovered

21 Aug, 2013

A new mammal is discovered in the forests of Colombia and Equador, girls hide spoons in their underwear to avoid marrage and take a look inside the world’s tallest slum. Read all about it in this Wormfood.  


Wormfood - August 6, 2013 - Gay Rights!

05 Aug, 2013

UN launches a global campaign for gay rights, Mesopotamian Marshlands are declared Iraq’s first national park and plants take nitrogen from air. Read all about it in this Wormfood. 


Wormfood - July 22, 2013 - Combating modern-day slavery

22 Jul, 2013

Following the money trail to help end human trafficking, evolution can't keep up with global warming, and Florida accidently banned all computers. Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood - July 2, 2013 - Be aware of what you tweet

03 Jul, 2013

Twitter could land you in jail, AIDS-related mortality declines, and plants that do maths. Read all about it in this Wormfood.


Wormfood - June 20, 2013 - Protest!

20 Jun, 2013

The world is protesting, a cute cat is running for mayor, and cool maps to explore. Read all about it in this Wormfood.  


Wormfood - May 28, 2013 - Nature strikes back

28 Mei, 2013


Wormfood - April 29, 2013

29 Apr, 2013

This edition of Wormfood is the first one written by me, Merel, taking over from Matthew. I´m a science journalist next to my work at Except. You can expect some changes in the Wormfood as it grows on me. Thank you Matthew for all the Wormfoods you wrote, I always loved reading them. For now, enjoy my first edition! 

This Wormfood has loads of important news including a confronting world map showing people displaced through conflict, great news of banned bee-harming pesticides in Europe, a robot reveals undiscovered passage ways in ancient pyramid in Mexico and many other inspiring and intriguing news stories you shouldn't miss.


Wormfood - 14 April, 2013

14 Apr, 2013

This edition of Wormfood follows several important news updates including the escalating tension on the Korean peninsula, an unfortunate downturn for Bitcoin, an update on the 3 year-old BP oil spill, and many other inspiring and intriguing news stories you wont want to miss.


Wormfood - 15 April, 2013

01 Apr, 2013

This edition of Wormfood has a number of emerging news stories, including the growing tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the discovery of the world's new lightest material (Pictured below), and a ton of science, technology, and environment news, found below!


Wormfood - 15 Maart, 2013

15 Mrt, 2013

This edition of Wormfood is packed full of exciting updates and global events, including an exciting update from CERN, heaps of other science, technology, environmental and geopolitcal updates that you wont want to miss. Find them all below!


Wormfood - 1 Maart, 2013

01 Mrt, 2013

This edition of Wormfood covers several exciting news stories, including the surprising rise of the Bitcoin, elections in Italy and South Korea, several intriguing science and environment stories, and much more found below.


Wormfood - Februari 14, 2013

14 Feb, 2013

This edition of Wormfood covers several intriguing world events, including the resignation of the pope and the decision of Julian Assange to run for Australian senate. We also cover a ton of environmental, energy, and science stories, all found below.


Wormfood - Januari 31, 2013

31 Jan, 2013

This edition of Wormfood is full of truly amazing news stories after a very active couple of weeks. Many noteworthy poitical and global events are covered, as well as several key science, health, and technology updates, all found below!


Wormfood Januari 16, 2013

16 Jan, 2013

Still fresh into 2013, this edition the Wormfood News Digest covers a wide variety of important news stories, including the stepped-up conflict in Mali, fresh insights into global economic trends, some intriguing science studies from human migration to quantum computing, and a pile of other stories you wont want to miss, all found below!


Wormfood Januari 1, 2013

01 Jan, 2013

Happy New Year! On the first day of 2013, we take a look at a number of pressing global developments, and look back on a number of top discoveries, technologies, and headlines that shaped 2012; all found below!


Wormfood December 16, 2012

16 Dec, 2012

Happy Holidays from Except Integrated Sustainability!

In this last 2012 installment of the Wormfood News Digest, we take a look at a number of current global developments, as well as some emerging stories and trends that we will surely hear well into 2013. Like always, we also include a wide variety of intriguing environmental, science, and technology news that you won't want to miss - all found below.


Wormfood November 29, 2012

29 Nov, 2012

This edition of the Wormfood News Digest covers many recent developments, including the recent election in Egypt, climate talks in Doha, some truly amazing science and technology stories, and much more below.


Wormfood November 15, 2012

15 Nov, 2012

This edition of the Wormfood News Digest is full of significant and world-changing developments from the past couple of weeks. We cover the latest developments in the Middle East, significant political and financial developments, many emerging technologies and science stories, and quite some unexpected and intriguing things along the way too! 

(We would also like to offer an apology for those who received the last edition of Wormfood multiple times. We had some trouble with our server, but its all good now..)


Wormfood Oktober 30, 2012

30 Okt, 2012

In this edition of the Wormfood News Digest, we look at a number of exciting developments in the field of future economies, emerging technologies, and science. We also cover key global developments, and much more which can all be found below. 


Wormfood October 16, 2012

16 Okt, 2012

This edition of the News Digest covers many developing news stories,  including the first large-scale, and illegal geoengineering experiement, the winners of the Nobel Prize in the field of Economics, an update on Germany's nuclear policy dilemma, several interesting science and technology findings, and much more below. 


Wormfood - October 1st, 2012

01 Okt, 2012

This edition of the News Digest covers a wide number of developing news stories,  including the 'thin red line' set between Israel and Iran, American political leadership and the environment, several mindblowing science and technology reports, and many other intriguing stories.


Wormfood - September 16, 2012

16 Sep, 2012

This edition of the News Digest covers many key global developments including the violent protests sparked this weekend around the world, many new science and technology reports, insightful economic and financial updates, and several other intriguing stories.


Wormfood - September 2, 2012

02 Sep, 2012

As summer draws to an end, this edition of the News Digest captures many recent developments from around the world, including the EU financial crisis, many environmental and technology updates, two inspirational perspectives on future urban environments, and much more...


Wormfood - Augustus 15, 2012

21 Aug, 2012

In this edition of the Wormfood News Digest, we cover many developments including an update on the Syrian crisis, new legal updates on financial institutions, several amazing environmental and technology news stories, and much more...


Wormfood - Juli 31, 2012

31 Jul, 2012

In this edition of the Wormfood News Digest, we cover several amazing developments including the first person to be cured of AIDS, decisive action against financial institutions in Iran, significant melting of the Greenland ice sheet, two interesting insights on urban crime, and much more.


Wormfood - Juli 17, 2012

16 Jul, 2012

Dear fellow Digesters, In this edition of the Wormfood News Digest, we update you on many top stories including the pursuit of legal action against banks involved in the libor scandal, embargo developments in the Strait of Hormuz, some really amazing technological developments, and an important update from the physicists at CERN.


Wormfood - May 14, 2012

03 Mei, 2012

Dear fellow Digesters, In this edition of the Wormfood News Digest, we track the development of many important “game-changing” news stories, including the foundation of an asteroid-mining company, China’s decision to construct two mega-dams, Google’s plan for self-driving cars, and so much more…