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Sustainable food production lies at the nexus of the sustainable development challenge. Land use, water, energy, health, resource use, and biodiversity concerns intersect the requirements for increasing amounts of food the world over. This is affecting our global, national and local economies the world over.  It is therefore a key focus point of Except's work. Since 1999 we have researched, developed, and executed a wide variety of innovative food systems.

We work with a wide variety of clients all along the supply chain of food, from resource and production into retail, delivery, and recycling resources. We support clients in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, the America's and Europe with work on new concepts such as vertical agriculture, innovative greenhouses, polycultures, and urban agriculture. 

Sustainable Agriculture Services

We provide clients that wish to innovate in sustainable food production the following services:

Research & Analysis

What is the market like? Which business model will work? How can we increase sustainability performance, while also gaining operational benefits? How can we grow food effectively in challenging circumstances?

Design and technology selection

Which food system is most effective where?  How do we design effecitve, attractive and resilient production facilities? What technologies are on the horizon, and what risks are associated with each?

Project Management

We support projects from their idea down to execution and operation. This includes business model development, managing stakeholders, and supporting funding search.

Areas of application

Except has worked since 1999 on sustainable agriculture projects. The areas of application include:

  • Food Supply chain mapping and improvement
  • Greenhouse agriculture innovation
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Vertical Agriculture and Agriculture towers
  • Innovative Hydroponics, Soilless, Aeroponics, and Aquaponics
  • Polyculture Agriculture development (Polydome)
  • Sustainable Agriculture business models and simulation
  • Algae production and product development



Referentie Projecten


Hoge Prestatie Duurzame Polycultuur Landbouw

Polydome is een innovatief duurzame manier om op commerciële basis en zonder milieubelasting voedsel te produceren. Het is ontwikkeld als fundamentele oplossing voor duurzame voedselproductie, schaalbaar, gezond en met drastisch lagere milieubelasting dan traditionele land- en glastuinbouw.

Polydome combineert een hoge opbrengst voor meer dan 50 geteelde gewassen met het houden van kippen, bijen en vis. De grotere diversiteit en productiviteit zorgen ervoor dat zelfs een klein Polydome systeem kan voorzien in een rijke voedsel-voorziening voor een grote bevolking.

Download het Polydome boek onderaan deze pagina. 

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Routekaart Vleesverwerkende Sector

Naar een integraal duurzame sector

We developed a roadmap of the Dutch meat process sector, production and processing companies and their suppliers, together with DNV. The road map shows opportunities for optimal use of all energy and material flows in the product chain of chicken, pork and beef, and maps their sources. The maps bring insight to all stakeholders involved, and enables decisions on improving entire sections of the production chain at once.

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Arkna Eco-Park Masterplan

Self sustaining tourism community in Estonia

In Rakvere, Estonia, we developed the masterplan for the 671 Ha self-reliant Arkna Eco-Park. The park is built on a historical site tracing back to 1527, and becomes a primary tourist destination in the country, including a Polydome sustainable agriculture system.  

We worked with  Arkna Eco-Park to build a complete masterplan template for years to come, including its marketing strategy, identity, logos and brochures, closed loop metabolism, food system, event program, and design guidelines.

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Serenity Farms

Sustainable food production in arid regions

Serenity Farms is a concept for a sustainable 110ha greenhouse facility for profitable food production in arid climates. The first site is to be located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, under the vision of the Reza Investment Company. It will be the largest sustainable greenhouse operation in the world. The only water it uses is salt water sourced from the red sea, and is powered entirely by the sun. The core of Serenity Farms is a high tech food production solution that provides fresh fruits and vegetables for 170.000 people.  

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