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We’ve worked for a decade on inventing new ways to visualize things, to tell a story and to set a mood. Now, visualizers from all over the world look at our work and use our inventions to try to do the same. We continue to work on finding the right presentation for the right projects, and will invent new ways of doing so along the way, with our clients. We work on architectural rendering, architectural animations and architectural visualization. We also work on product visualization and product animations and rendering. All of this is of course using 3D visualization and 3D rendering.

Animations & Presentations
architecture visualizations
architecture animations, architecture visualisations, 3D rendering, 3D building visualization, and 3D animations. Video & Film
Artist Impressions

Our artist impressions and architectural visualizations set themselves apart through quality, use of light, atmosphere and style. They define the concept of spaces and products and through marketing storyboards and graphic design tell the whole story of the building or design.

  Consult   Design   Presentatie
  Artist Impressions & Architecture Animations

In the industry for over a decade, Except has developed a unique style for rendering artist impressions. While representation is important, focus on making an image come to life through atmosphere, lighting, materials and high quality models has become one of Except's expertises. Research into new methods and techniques allow us to be at the forefront of innovation, and to capture any concept in images, artist impressions, animations or any other medium.

Except uses special lighting and photographic techniques that are developed in-house. We develop the entire workflow ourselves, which allows us to completely control the environment and create the image that is suited for the occasion.


While architecture is one of our expertises, we are just as driven in visualizing products, moments, concepts and ideas. Everyone who visualizes at Except is also a photographer and designer, shooting portraits, nature, landscape and many other subjects, and we invent new ways to market unique concepts every day. We have a passion for looking at the world in different ways, and framing it. We enjoy making everything we work on truly unique, solving complex problems and using restrictions to our advantage.

Most recent work has been in the form of animations. To see our Showreel of animations please visit the Present page.


We work all over the world. For large projects we visit Asia, the United States and all parts of Europe. We're usually part of a larger team, to ensure integration of concepts in the design and in all the presentation materials.

Our services are, amongst others:

  • Architectural Rendering & Artist Impressions
  • Architectural Animations
  • Fly throughs & Product Animations
  • Interactive Presenations
  • Diagrams & Isometrics
  • Graphic Design & Print
  • Photography
  • Video & Film
  • Post production
dwn Examples
  Exteriors & Landscape
  City Planning & Diagrams
artist impression museum institutiondesign architecture visualization
Institutional Interiors
Wesleyan Teaching Museum
artist impression institutional exteriors architecture visualization
Institutional Exteriors
Wesleyan Teaching Museum
artist impression diagrams urban design
Diagrams & Urban Design Plans
Shanghai Sustainable Master Plan
artist impression architecture atmosphere
Atmosphere & Non-Photorealist style
Merredin Health Industries Interiors
artist impression landscape seasons
Seasons & Lighting
Centrum: Toronto Sacred Chapel
artist impression diagrams urban design
Diagrams & Infographics
Trans Bay Environmental Diagram
artist impression cultural interiors chapel architecture visualization
Cultural Interiors
Centrum: Toronto Sacred Chapel
artist impression landscape nature architecture visualization
Landscape & Nature
Centrum: Toronto Sacred Chapel
artist impression shanghai master plan urban design architecture visualization
City Design Overviews
Shanghai Sustainable Master Plan
artist impression commercial residential interiors architecture visualization
Residential Interiors
Flex Living & Nijenstee
artist impression commercial exteriors towers architecture visualization
Commercial Exteriors
Arup Moscow Tower & FDN Tower
artist impression industrial design product visualization
Product Visualization
KLNK Edit & Present Suites for MTV
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