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Portal to Venlo
Sustainable Greenhouse Industry Area Development (2010)

The Portal to Venlo offers the greenhouse industry in the east of the Netherlands a model to develop a sustainable industry. The project re-imagines an existing greenhouse industry area, currently fragmented, inefficient, dangerous for bicycle tourists that cross the area and in general rather unappealing.

For the 'Pearls in the landscape' project Except re-imagined the area as a combined ecological park, efficient greenhouse industry and tourism destination. The project features innovations such as floating bicycle routes, a greenhouse visitor pavilion, algae water treatment facility and integrated ecological systems. The exciting pathways allow logistics traffic for the greenhouses and visitors to the area to remain entirely separated, while improving conditions for both.

The result is an inspiring landscape, enjoyable by both industry, visitor, eco-toursits and neighborhood residents alike, with vastly improved production capacities and a self-sufficiency in energy and material resources.

Gipmans Plants


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Parel in het Landschap Venlo
Visitor's Pavillion

Parel in het Landschap Venlo
Floating Bicycle Path

Parel in het Landschap Venlo
Raised Bicycle Path

Parel in het Landschap Venlo
Ecological Services Park

Parel in het Landschap Venlo
Landscape Impressions