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Roosendaal City

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Roosendaal City

The existence of the city of Roosendaal goes back to the thirteenth century. It has a historic center and a thriving community of around 70.000 inhabitants. It’s located in the south of the province of Brabant, in the Netherlands.

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In 2010 and 2011, the city of Roosendaal and Except worked closely together to answer the question: how can we use ecological means to add value to our city? Where can we add green things that not only look nice, but do something?

Except developed a comprehensive scan on building, neighborhood and city level for the city, which has since then been applied in a variety of ways.

This project was performed for a European Commission Interreg cooperation model.

Except is one of the pioneers in this area. I can only applaud this and hope they will continue their good work for years to come. – Paul van de Sande, Projectmanager gemeente Roosendaal.

Except’s ideas were exactly the kind of ideas we were looking for. Except developed the basic idea in a very short time into an inspiring document, by using very strong visual tools. The capabilities of idea development, visualizing complex subjects and their vision is how Except has added value to the project. – Paul van de Sande, Projectmanager gemeente Roosendaal.


Climate-Adaptive Urban Garden

Jul 13, 2021, Parking lot transformation in the city center of Roosendaal

Together with the municipality of Roosendaal we worked on a design for a climate-adaptive garden in the center of the city, "Stadstuin van Hasselt". The garden is designed for outdoor education and culture regarding the themes of Water & Climate, Culture & History, and Nature & City Ecology. In the center of the garden lies the Beekdal, which acts as the backbone of the park. This waterway is the lowest point in its direct surroundings and serves as a water reservoir in the case of heavy precipitation. This way it reduces the pressure on the adjacent sewage systems.