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Port of Amsterdam

The region of Port of Amsterdam is one of the world’s main logistics hubs. With cargo transhipment of more than 95 million tonnes per year, it is Western Europe’s fourth-largest port. The port’s strategic and central location in Europe makes it easily accessible and ensures excellent connections to all major European markets. Havenbedrijf Amsterdam NV develops, operates and manages the Amsterdam Port Area and stimulates sustainable economic development in the Amsterdam Port Region. 

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During the Leaders for Nature Forum of 2015 government, NGO's, corporations and knowledge institutes worked together to find joint solutions for our most pressing natural capital challenges.

The Port of Amsterdam is one of the Leaders for Nature. This is the challenge they are working on: To explore strategies in relation to sustainablility issues in the Amsterdam cocao industry and to what extend the Port can play a role in rendering the cacao supply chain more sustainable, in order to contribute in a positive impact to the region and the port.

Together with their partners, they continue to work on this challenge, to maintain theit number one position as biggest cocao port in the world. 


Leaders for Nature: Shared Resources, joint solutions

Aug 10, 2016, From awareness to action with the network of IUCN

On 17th April 2015, IUCN organized the Leaders for Nature forum in Eindhoven. Except supported IUCN in a year long trajectory to prepare and guide the Forum in a new format. This included concept development, stakeholder involvement and preparation of the challenges.

The preparations resulted in 10 challenges brought in by the network of Leaders for Nature. Over 150 participants from business, NGOs and government joined the forum. Guided by Except, teams worked on the most pressing natural capital challenges.