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IKEA Catalogue Story of Print

Project > Interactive Story Telling Tools Promote Stakeholder Engagement

IKEA Media Production engaged Except to showcase the sustainability achievements and ambitions of its 200-million-copy catalogue. Together we created a storytelling infographic for the IKEA customer-facing staff, and a data-packed dashboard for internal stakeholders such as store co-workers, catalogue responsibles, PR, social media, communication, sustainability and marketing managers and teams. The tools have been introduced to thousands of employees, permeating learning and awareness.

The Story of Print

The ‘The Story of Print’ infographic employs a storytelling approach to show the visitor the complete production cycle of the catalogue. It shows the six steps of the life cycle of the IKEA catalogue, from logging to recycling. The infographic informs and inspires the IKEA customer-facing personnel to convey the catalogue’s sustainability story to its customers. Questions such as "Would digital be better?" introduce the viewer to data and dilemmas in the production, distribution, and recycling of the catalogue. Viewers can also access further information, other media, and data visualizations, based on their interest. It offers key performance data, such as percentages of FSC™ certified paper, renewable energy, and amounts of water used.

The Story of Print is now part of the IKEA Media Production learning website, where all employees are invited to familiarize themselves with it.

Data-driven dashboard

Aimed at sustainability professionals and enthusiasts, the Data Dashboard shows the history, current status, and targets for key sustainability indicators (KPIs) for the catalogue. All data is presented in accordance with international protocols such as GRI G4. The Data Dashboard’s info-tiles are dynamic, intuitive and elegant.

These tiles display the past, current and desired future performance of the IKEA catalogue on 13 key aspects of sustainable performance at a glance. These include input materials, energy, CO2 emissions, and waste. Contextual information provides additional insight into how IKEA achieves these results and plans to further improve them. The Data Dashboard has attracted thousands of visitors from IKEA from around the world.

Supply chain engagement

In a second related project with IKEA Media Production and its partners, Except developed smart decision support tools to unlock the big data of the supply chain behind the IKEA catalogue. These tools help boost the catalogue’s sustainability performance, and create a sustainability-driven learning supply chain that is now helping to transform the biggest paper and print suppliers around the world.

The decision support tools, the dashboard and the infographic were rolled out in three design rounds of four months each.

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IKEA Catalogue Supply Chain Dashboards

Intuitive Dashboards Enable Sustainable Decision Making

The IKEA catalogue with more than 200 million copies is the largest annual print run in the world. IKEA Media Production has worked diligently to improve the catalogue’s sustainability performance. To find new ways to boost its performance, IKEA Media Production engaged Except. Together we applied a new systems-thinking approach and found powerful ways to raise performance.

With implementation partners Trade Extensions and Deloitte we created new visual big data tools in less than a year. Together we realized a sustainability-driven learning supply chain that is now helping transform the biggest paper and print suppliers worldwide.

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Een betere IKEA catalogus

Hoe we de wereldwijde printindustrie veranderden

Voor Inter-IKEA hebben we de duurzaamheidsprestaties van de IKEA catalogus verbeterd door de hele toeleveringsketen te optimaliseren met één kleine maar slimme big data-tool. De tool bevat data dashboards voor inkopers, leveranciers en retailers, die de hele levenscyclus van de catalogus beïnvloeden.

De tools voor de toeleveringsketen resulteren in enorme duurzaamheidswinst op het gebied van onder ander energie, afval, en water, direct vanaf het eerste jaar, en ieder jaar daarna een beetje meer. Vanwege het printvolume van de catalogus heeft dit project een positieve invloed op de wereldwijde printindustrie. De jaarlijkse verbeteringen spreiden nu zelfs uit naar gerelateerde industrieën.

Lees de onderstaande projectcase over het proces, de strategie, de innovaties en verdere verbeterprocessen van het project.

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