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Mattia Miccichè



Mattia Miccichè


  • Action Research
  • Engaging scientific writing
  • Organizational change for sustainability
  • Governance for sustainable development
  • Policy design


  • Cooking, cooking, cooking
  • Colombian Cumbia
  • Tacos
  • French Polar movies
  • His beautiful hometown and its mountains


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  • Phone  +31612165186

Mattia is an enthusiastic communicator and change maker: as an action researcher, he enjoys combining the solid theoretical background(s) he built along his academic career, with hands-on approaches and street-level interaction with stakeholders. Stemming from his experiences in different countries and cultures, the expertise Mattia developed stands at the crossroads where entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, and social innovation meet. Overall, his curiosity for how societies transform and behave is only exceeded by his wonder for everything regarding the natural world. These animating principles drive him to constantly speculate on how these two interact.

His efforts as a communicator focus on turning sustainability science-related insights into concrete tools for policy makers and business practitioners, bridging the gaps between research and practice.

When not busy diving into the latest sustainability innovation to produce thought leadership, you might find Mattia busy experimenting in the kitchen, hiking, or hiding in the closest movie house.


Sterkenburg Overmorgen

Mei 23, 2019, Middeleeuws kasteel Sterkenburg innoveert een nieuwe toekomst

Veel historische erfgoed in Nederland staat voor de uitdaging om businessmodellen te vinden die hun culturele erfgoed beschermt en optimaliseert in deze snel veranderende wereld. De eigenaren van het Middeleeuwse kasteel Sterkenburg in Driebergen besloten om die uitdaging aan te gaan. Ze gingen op zoek naar nieuwe manieren om de economische en sociale waarde van hun erfgoed nieuw leven in te blazen. Hiervoor brachten ze een multidisciplinaire groep van duurzaamheids experts van Except Integrated Sustainability bijeen. Except ontwierp een speciaal programma die de kansen van de plek laat zien. Het resultaat is een routekaart met concrete en snelle kostenbesparingen voor de korte termijn, en daarnaast biedt het nieuwe handvatten voor het kasteel om een rol te spelen in de samenleving van vandaag en morgen.


Roadmap to the BGI Manual

Okt 22, 2019, Bridging the knowledge gap in the field of Blue Green Infrastructures

Blue Green Infrastructures (BGI) increase the resilience of urban and rural landscapes, integrating their core functions with natural features and processes. Hurdles exist in the process of translating BGI-related knowledge and data from science to practice, and a tool that facilitates this transfer is still missing. We conducted a research in collaboration with a team of partner organizations (JNCC, IFLA Europe, BiodivERsA, and NRW), to pinpoint key preliminary knowledge to design such a tool, and collected our key findings in a report downloadable on this page.


IKEA Foundation Agricultural Livelihoods Systemic Strategy

Nov 17, 2020, Using Systems Thinking For More Impactful Grantmaking

Over the course of two co-creations sessions in June and July 2020, the IKEA Foundation Agricultural Livelihoods Team worked with us to identify focused and impactful granting areas through systems thinking. The mapping tools and strategy framework we developed together can support the team with tangible, flexible steps to channel the complexity of agricultural livelihoods into clear, decisive action and impact.