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Examples of sustainability in the built environment
November 2011

Greenprint features over 150 pages of innovations in our homes, cities and daily life. From eco-houses and neighborhoods to streetlamps on moonlight, social innovations, urban agriculture and much more.
Greenprint shows how sustainability can change your world from the smallest to the biggest scale. 

Greenprint is an inspiration for anyone working on sustainable urban environments and architecture, ranging from energy & materials to transportation, waste, agriculture, social interventions, neighborhoods and existing eco-cities. 

And last but not least: this book is Creative Commons. You may copy its pages and give them to your friends, or use them as a reference for your own projects or teaching.


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Greenprint Sustainability Examples
  Some pages from the book
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Huis vol Energie

Huis vol Energie

Polydome Greenhouse Material Flow Diagram

Huis vol Energie


Project Management
Stephanie Bartscht

Stephanie Bartscht
Rebecca Blum
Tom Bosschaert
Eva Gladek
Michela Mangiarotti (Atelier Ten)
Michiel van der Vight

Rebecca Blum

Graphic Design
Tom Bosschaert
Stephanie Bartscht
Gerard Vink

Cover Image
Matthew Fraser

Except thanks all who have contributed imagery and projects to the book. Greenprint is an initiative of Except Integrated Sustainability.


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As per our company mission, we hope this project will contribute to a sustainable society.

By licensing our work under creative commons we allow you to use, copy and distribute our work without permission.

Therefore this work has been released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.

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