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Posad is a spatial planning and strategy firm, based in the Hague, the Netherlands.

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Posad works with Except to develop future-proof spatial strategies in the built environment. The synergy between the two organizations exists in their innovative approach as well as the pleasure they derive from working together. Besides client-based projects, Posad and Except collaborate on research, innovation and internal development trajectories.

Except relies on Posad for their unique vision on the built environment, where network-level sustainability considerations are part of their core thinking, and Posad is the preferred partner for Except concerning spatial strategy.


Netherlands CO2040

Jan 27, 2016, The country CO2 free in 2040?

What key projects are necessary to make the Netherlands CO2 neutral in 2040? That was the central and massive question put before Except and Posad by the Dutch ministry.

By applying network and system-analysis a surprising single answer was found: a more transparent, decentralized and accessible data-system is needed to make this happen.


Flemish Metropolitan Dreams

Oct 10, 2014, A new vision for Flanders' housing