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Interior of the Rotterdam Collective

New times call for new business models: Local communities unite to invest together and share services. Governments try to find ways to spend less but have more positive effects. Business is adapting their services to lower environmental footprints and resources use.

We are all looking for new ways to bring value to a world that is fundamentally different from what it was just a decade ago. How can you take advantages of this? How can you organise and optimise this value?

Except has more than a decade of first-hand experience with innovative business cases. We have organised ourselves accordingly, have set up other organisations and created new products with this mindset.

We know the methods that are being tried, their ins and outs, and help to innovate on new business models to bring our clients further ahead.


New business models can help any flow of materials, services, resources, and more. Some examples of what new business models can be used for are:

  • Collectively set up a local energy company in a neighborhood
  • Find new uses to use empty real estate
  • Set up product service systems
  • Set up new ways to create insurance for a group of people
  • Distribute and finance local urban agriculture
  • Sell online services effectively

Example: Rotterdam Collective

There are numerous empty office buildings in every city. Many of them won't see any revenue or use in the coming years under old business models. For empty buildings we develop new models to make them useful, attractive and create revenue.

For this, we look at the local context and need for services, the building structure, and extrapolate future scenario's. We then use our team of experts to invent a customized business model that fits that location specifically.

In the heart of Western Europe’s largest port city lies the Rotterdam Collective. One floor houses 20 companies, each with its own unique field and specialisation. There are typographers, game designers, event organisers, architects, agricultural planners, journalists, and more. The Rotterdam Collective is set up explicitly to offer each of these companies a stimulating work environment and, above all, to facilitate collaboration between these companies.

Ro-Co is housed in a building that previously stood empty for over a decade. The new model makes the space attractive and create revenue.

What we can do for you

We can help you reach your goals in these changing times. We can help you organise and develop new business cases. We can co-develop new products and services with you. We can work on a consulting basis or potentially in (co-)business development. 


Except Integrated Sustainability

Tom Bosschaert

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“If you want to know where the future of integrated sustainable area development is heading, take a look at [Except's] Schiebroek-Zuid project.”
-- Marion Bakker
Advisor Area Development, NL Agency, Government of the Netherlands
“After attending the SiD training, we used the systems- and network- related concepts and tools to mindmap the relationships of all the different sustainability areas of interest. The exercise greatly helped the Government we were advising to set the right priorities, and make budgeting decisions for their sustainability program.   ”
-- Mark Bouman
Director at Urban Reality