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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Through targeted CSR consulting, Except helps companies think deeply about how they can best contribute to a healthy, functioning, and sustainable society.

Thoughtful  CSR  plans are increasingly considered a basic requirement of international business practice. A good  CSR  plan is much more than a marketing tool; it can actually help businesses better prepare themselves for the future.

Except helps companies strategically analyze their role in society, helping with everything from goal setting to internal integration to writing up  CSR  reports.


In order to compare CSR reports, international standards like the GRI are of vital importance. However, just complying to the standards misses a great advtantage of a more strategic approach. If done right, a CSR trajectory is not just a communication from the company to the outside world, but a strategic tool to also collect vital information about stakeholders and long term development possibilities. We help provide these insights and built up to more valuable uses of CSR reporting.

We offer various services associated with corporate social responsibility. Among these are:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Facility Audits
  • Carbon assessment
  • CSR standards compliance
  • System mapping
  • Business strategy

Contact us to find out more about our custom CSR trajectories. 


Wesleyan University Teaching Museum

Sustainability through flexibility

Except designed a new type of museum used for teaching with four distinct collections of artefacts, musical instuments, and prints, located in the center of the Wesleyan University Campus.

The museum has been designed for longevity, with a possible life span of over hundreds of years. Its main quality is its ability to change function over time while remaining a high quality environment for a variety of purposes. It’s flexible, exciting and features solid passive energy systems that continue to work through the ages.

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Miya's Sushi Fish Menu

Sustainable fish at a glance

Miya's Sushi in New Haven, CT, has been our favorite restaurant for years, and for good reason. Miya's is a home away from home that produces award winning fusion sushi that places heaven on your tongue, while being the forefront of social and environmental sustainability.

To aid in this, we produced a menu with graphic maps of the unique fish selection of Miya's for internal and external use.

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Atlas Natural Capital

Improving online resources for natural capital

The Dutch online Natural Capital Atlas offers hundreds of maps that portray ecosystem services in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, initiator of the Atlas, wants to further develop the website with users. We guided a consultation process with municipalities and companies to identify their needs, and wishes. Results are a crystal clear list of directly implementable recommendations for accessibility, categorization, expanded data needs,  interactivity and functionality.

Download the report (in Dutch) with our findings at the bottom of the page.

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Natural Capital is Business

How to bring Natural Capital into the boardroom?

Natural Capital plays a title role in our economy. To help you clarify the relationship between your economic activities and Natural Capital, Except and NXTE developed the Natural Capital Quick Scan. The scan delivers instant insight and suggests dozens of ways to mitigate risks and pick up on opportunities.

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Except Integrated Sustainability

Tim Horsten
CSR Consultant / Engineer

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“I am impressed by the energy, expertise and commitment I see. Because it hits you personally. Because everyone at Except recognizes the need for transformation to a sustainable society.”
-- Miriam van Gool
IUCN Interim manager Leaders for Nature
“Except offers a flexible and complementary team of experts in different fields that together create magic.”
-- Matthieu Leroy
Matthieu Leroy; Sustainability Specialist at IKEA