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We increasingly seek meaningful and inspiring experiences. We immerse ourselves in nature, cultural involvement, and spend our free time mindfully to grow and play. A regenerative resort uses best in class sustainability performance to elevate these experiences, and to give sustainability a personal meaning for all, imparting a lasting impression and inspiring ideas to apply to daily life.

We co-create next generation innovative projects with organizations wanting to lead the way in sustainable, future-proof resorts and holiday destinations. We support the development with deep analysis, smart business modeling, innovative design, master-planning, and efficient management.

Our vision for the holiday of the future

The tourism industry is embracing sustainable practises to protect the natural capital that it depends on, and to meet growing consumer demand for sustainability.

The first steps in sustainable development have become mainstream, such as energy reduction, water management, responsible purchasing, and protecting biodiversity. Responsible development requires the adoption, reporting, and management of these new practises. These are focused on minimizing harmful impact on the environment. We see a path that goes beyond this, towards a truly regenerative environment.

In our vision, an ideal holiday goes beyond the recommended standards of low impact. Regen Resorts aim to deliver leisure and tourism experiences that inspire a lasting positive mentality— for visitors, the environment, and society. Visitors experience ways of life that inspire change, far beyond the duration of their visit.

The benefits of Regen Resorts

We work in co-creation with clients to realise regenerative resorts for both new construction and refurbishment.

  • A model of systemic sustainability that leaves a marked impression in the lives of guests. The resort is a resilient, naturally flourishing, profitable, and future-proof model for a sustainable society.

  • An environmentally responsive resort that incorporates the advantages of renewable energy technology, biophilia, nature, and toxin-free circular materials.

  •  A choice of performance levels, from energy and water efficiency, to complete self sufficiency including food production on site.

  • Involvement of the surrounding community, and incorporation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Except Integrated Sustainability

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