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Erik Westerduin


Business Developer

Erik Westerduin
Erik Westerduin
Erik Westerduin
Erik Westerduin

Enjoys:  Cooking,  smiles and ADVENTURE!
Weakness:  Backflips

Areas of expertise:

  • Innovation processes
  • Business development
  • Teamwork

Location:  Utrecht, the Netherlands


  • [javascript protected email address]
  • Phone  +31 6 17602130

Erik is business developer for one of our ICT start-ups in systems modeling and knowledge sharing. His experience in business models, investment and public relations support a variety of Except's investment projects. As a real team-player he likes to collaborate and connect.

When I was young I believed resources where infinte. Only a camel could drink all the water from our tap and you went by the bank if you needed money. This appeard to be quite different when I grew up. I'm interested in how we can shape our society towards self-sustaining living areas, piece by piece. In a world of growing complexity, the best solutions deal with many challenges at the same time.

Erik has a masters in Innovation Management, interned with the Economic Development Board of Rotterdam and worked at Climate-KIC. In practice, innovating often comes down to doing, failing and getting back on your feet. This is fun and people tend to get very creative while doing so.


Atlas Natural Capital

Mar 01, 2018, Improving online resources for natural capital

The Dutch online Natural Capital Atlas offers hundreds of maps that portray ecosystem services in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, initiator of the Atlas, wants to further develop the website with users. We guided a consultation process with municipalities and companies to identify their needs, and wishes. Results are a crystal clear list of directly implementable recommendations for accessibility, categorization, expanded data needs,  interactivity and functionality.

Download the report (in Dutch) with our findings at the bottom of the page.


Crystal Forest Office

Nov 10, 2017, Zero-Energy Warehouse Retrofit

This exciting office-jungle in a glass cocoon is an energy-neutral plug-in retrofit for empty industrial real-estate. It integrates all facilities and luxuries an exciting co-operative office environment can wish for today.

The Crystal Forest is a modular system that can be built and removed quickly on virtually any location, is entirely self-contained, and offers a feasible business case for a wide variety of real estate challenges, including adaptive re-use of industrial hertiage.



May 04, 2020, System modeling and simulation software

Symoto is an online software application that enables the development, simulation and monitoring of large scale material and energy cycles, such as urban metabolism, industrial symbiosis and the circular economy.

Symoto enables organizations to save vast amounts of time modeling and simulating systems, perform in-depth dynamic analysis and boost stakeholder communication.