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Noémie Benoit


Engineer Architect

Noémie Benoit
Noémie Benoit
Noémie Benoit

Weakness:  kids & books
Enjoys:  L'Age de faire magazine, gardening, blogging, revolution for a sustainable society, climbing

Areas of expertise:

  • Architecture
  • Urban development
  • Backcasting scenarios/systems thinking
  • Urban farming/organic farming
  • Biodiversity
  • Education/storytelling
  • Graphic design

Professional Titles & Liaisons:

  • MSc Engineer Architect (TU Delft, the Netherlands)
  • BSc Architecture (ENSAP, Bordeaux, France)

Location: Ghent, Belgium / Rotterdam, The Netherlands


  • [javascript protected email address]
  • Phone  +32 (0)4 9350 4696
  • Twitter: benoitnoemie

Noémie is a kind of virus. A sustainability virus. Aiming to replicate inside organizations, platforms, and communities in order to support and accelerate the transition to sustainability. She is trained to work in a variety of sectors as well as cross-cultural contexts, and developed skills to address sustainability issues to diverse stakeholders.

Noémie's main expertise is developing integrated strategies both at local and global scale: merging top-down and bottom-up approaches into concrete plans of action, and designing the solutions.

After having worked at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture and at Futureproofed in sustainable business innovation, her focus rested on regenerative projects to restore natural ecosystems and local economies, and in conducting pioneering research at the edge of technology, business, natural ecosystems, and the built environment.

Noémie is educated as an engineer architect in the Netherlands, France and Italy, she completed a 2-year research project in 2012 on the links between biodiversity and design. The thesis has been conducted both in New York City, Rotterdam and Ghent and awarded with the First Prize of the Green Architecture Competition on Biodiversity of the Netherlands Architecture Institute and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in July 2012.

From January 2013, she is carrying out her PhD research at the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), dissecting the actual effectiveness of initiatives like urban farming and ecological water management, for cities' sustainability and resilience.