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Gijs Broos


Social Business Developer

Gijs Broos

Weakness:   Good food, great drinks and fine people
Enjoys: Making it work

Areas of expertise:

  • SociologyUrban development
  • Regional Economics
  • Media and ICT
  • Business strategy
  • Alliance management

Professional Titles & Liaisons:

  • MSc Sociology, University of Tilburg
  • regional economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • landmanagement and economic affairs, Public Administration College
  • urban planning, University of Utrecht
  • business administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Gijs Broos is a sociologist and urban strategist with an entrepeneurial mind. From early on he was fascinated by how the world works. By reading, travelling and meeting interesting people he has explored the fundamentals of society and he still is.

He started working at the Future Institute looking at consumer trends. After more than a year of some very innovative thinking, he started working as a strategist at the City Development Corporation Rotterdam. For five years he has worked on long term city visions and strategies in how to create a prosperous city. It brought him to many cities in Europe and even to Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York.

Hitting the thirties, he wanted to do more than just telling stories. So when he got the opportunity to realize his idea of creating a new public broadcasting company for urban screens, he took it. The next three years he spent building this company from the ground up. After this experience he went looking for new opportunities which he found in matters concerning sustainability, knowledge valorisation and city development. Except appears to be the perfect partner!