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Walter Faaij


Social Sustainability Consultant

Walter Faaij
Walter Faaij
Walter Faaij

Weakness:  challenging trips through scandinavian nature
Enjoys:  tending my square foot roof garden

Areas of expertise:

  • Climate change
  • Social impact
  • Arctic changes and challenges
  • Qualitative research
  • Greenland

Professional Titles & Liaisons:

  • MSc Cultural Anthropology

Location:  Utrecht, the Netherlands



  • [javascript protected email address]
  • Phone  +31 (0)6 1979 2849
  • Twitter: walterfaaij

Walter investigates the social side of sustainability challenges. As an anthropologist, he translates trends and actions the effects on humans and communties, and can mediate between perspectives of different parties. To further his understanding of social conditions, he travelled the world, from Greenland to Iraq, forming him to be comfortable in a wide range of situations. 

In Greenland Walter was caught by the impact of climate change and the intimate relationship with profound social change. He gained the insight that changing ecological circumstances receive meaning only in their social context. Since then Walter has commited himself to working towards a sustainable society. 

Walter has worked on diverse projects, ranging from researching sustainable mobility, writing a sustainable guide for a dutch supermarket, to campaigning for the integration of sustainability in the Dutch educational system. 

In his spare time Walter is happy to maintain a small roof garden or sails with a self-built raft through the Norwegian fjords.


Infographic: Wind and Local Economy

Mar 01, 2018, Creating support for wind energy

For Eneco Wind we visualized the local impacts of wind turbine development in a visual infographic. The graphic is used by Eneco Wind in conversations with local stakeholders, and helps to guide the conversation to address all topics and impacts. Using the graphic to guide the conversation, all parties become well informed before deciding on wind turbine development.

By providing honest and complete information Eneco Wind aims to increase support for wind energy from local stakeholders.