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Natascha Schuiling

Office Manager

Natascha Schuiling
Natascha Schuiling
Natascha Schuiling
Natascha Schuiling

Weakness:  French fries with Mayo. Yum!

Enjoys:  Cooking, DIY natural beauty products, (urban)gardening, party planning, any form of audiovisual input

Areas of expertise:

  • Producer of films and events
  • Social media 
  • (Raw) Vegan/ Vegetarian Cooking

Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands


  • [javascript protected email address]
  • Phone  +31 6 24802273
  • Twitter: @nashmosan

Natascha "Nash" Schuiling is our bubbly Brazilian office mother. She loves to connect people together. In her role as office manager she facilitates everyone in the office, so each can excel in their field. This is her way of making the world a better place.

Her background covers events and audiovisual productions, so she doesn’t stress whenever there is panic. The secret? She likes to see herself as a flexible, quick on her feet, emphatic team-worker who can really improvise.

Next to her office controller tasks, she organizes and supports most Except events such as the Grid Night. She manages the office, still allowing it to keep its own quirky vibe. She also serves a mean cup of coffee during our worksessions.

She and her family are in constant pursuit for sustainable solutions to self-sufficiency, putting in practice what we preach. She has been studying permaculture (for fun), has a vegetable garden where she builds her own produce and enjoy sun-powered wine and game nights.


Leaders for Nature: Shared Resources, joint solutions

Aug 10, 2016, From awareness to action with the network of IUCN

On 17th April 2015, IUCN organized the Leaders for Nature forum in Eindhoven. Except supported IUCN in a year long trajectory to prepare and guide the Forum in a new format. This included concept development, stakeholder involvement and preparation of the challenges.

The preparations resulted in 10 challenges brought in by the network of Leaders for Nature. Over 150 participants from business, NGOs and government joined the forum. Guided by Except, teams worked on the most pressing natural capital challenges.