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Joseph D. Simpson

Communication/Public Relations

Joseph D. Simpson

Areas of Expertise:

  • Communication strategy
  • Business design
  • Creating connections
  • Building relationships
  • Brand development


  • (Kite) Surfing 
  • Scuba diving
  • Cooking extravagant dinners
  • Live gigs 
  • Photography


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Joseph has a bird's eye view of global happenings and finds joy in contextualising far-off developments at a local level.   He has a BS of International Studies from Monash  University  in Melbourne,   work experience writing for various local and international publications, and crafting brand strategies from startups to global consulting firms. He is fascinated by technological advances leading Smart City technology, clean energy, circular economy,  as well as developments in the  CSR space. He also likes to spend as much time as physically possible in the ocean and accidentally 'shakas' at inappropriate moments, fulfilling an  equilibrium    of   Australian stereotypes.

Joseph is an Australian writer, journalist and most of all a creative positive impact communicator. He employs the knowledge he has earned from  multiple stints living and working abroad and combines it with an ever-evolving theoretical backing.  Bringing to the table a world of intercultural experience and a deep knowledge of how to communicate complex issues succinctly, Joseph understands the value of connection.  It is the tool with which he has to drive significant change.