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Alexandre Fradet

IT Specialist

Alexandre Fradet

Areas of Expertise:

  • Software development
  • System analysis and modelling
  • Business development
  • IT consultancy


  • Cooking french recipes
  • Reading
  • Debating


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Alexandre is a technology enthusiast and an IT consultant. Always searching for new technologies, he is constantly looking for what will shape the future of our societies. He enjoys breaking down systems into pieces to understand their underlying functionment and bring them back together to make them more efficient. As a software developer, he is driven by helping his colleagues to improve their work environment thanks to his home-made tools.

Alexandre's expertise does not end  with computers. When he is not working on the latest applications for Except, he uses his broad knowledge to solve complex problems. Always curious to learn more, Alexandre pursued two Master’s degrees in Computer Science with a focus on Internet of Things at Telecom ParisTech and in Business & Sustainability and Social Innovation at HEC Paris. His academic background makes him very versatile and capable of providing expertise on a broad range of fields.


The Future of Sterkenburg

May 23, 2019, Medieval castle Sterkenburg innovates a new future

Historic sites struggle to find business models that protect and optimize their cultural heritage in a rapidly changing world. The owners of the medieval castle of Sterkenburg in Driebergen decided to take up this challenge, looking for new ways to reignite its economic and social value. They engaged a multidisciplinary group of sustainability experts from Except Integrated Sustainability, who developed a special program to help historic sites unearth their opportunities. The resulting roadmap delivers concrete, immediate cost savings in the short term, and new ways for the castle to play a role in both today’s, and tomorrow’s society.