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Inge Luyten

Project Manager

Inge Luyten

Areas of expertise:

  • Project Management
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Biology
  • Circular Economy
  • Campaigning


  • Camping
  • Board games
  • Lindy Hop
  • Kittens


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Inge is an all-round project manager with experience in both for-profit and non-profit European sustainability efforts. Empowered by the knowledge that doing nothing is not in her nature, Inge strives to propel a unique integration of social and environmental issues into everyday life. Having built her career upon a solid bedrock of systemic projects, she is committed to transcending traditional boundaries and building sustainable best-practice in business. She is  goal oriented   and at her best while organizing, planning and facilitating. Inge believes in multidisciplinary approaches to provide the foundations for a sustainable future. She excels in connecting diverging ideas and people to create tangible results in complex situations.

After finishing her master degree in Animal Biology & Integrated Conservation and Development, Inge started her career at the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals. Broadening her scope, she later enrolled in a traineeship in Public Information Management. This 2-year-program involved exposure and work within a wide range of public-organizations, both nationally and locally. She went on to serve as the director of a Belgian non-profit environmental organization ‘Arbeid & Milieu’, before heading back to the Netherlands, where she landed at UCo. Here, she works as a project manager for both Recycling Netwerk Benelux and Except. She is also a board member in the UCO Foundation and of the Dutch Beter Leven Keurmerk for animal welfare. In her spare time, Inge is trainer and personal development coach for young professionals that strive to realize projects with positive and sustainable impact on the world. 


The Future of Sterkenburg

May 23, 2019, Medieval castle Sterkenburg innovates a new future

Historic sites struggle to find business models that protect and optimize their cultural heritage in a rapidly changing world. The owners of the medieval castle of Sterkenburg in Driebergen decided to take up this challenge, looking for new ways to reignite its economic and social value. They engaged a multidisciplinary group of sustainability experts from Except Integrated Sustainability, who developed a special program to help historic sites unearth their opportunities. The resulting roadmap delivers concrete, immediate cost savings in the short term, and new ways for the castle to play a role in both today’s, and tomorrow’s society.


Roadmap to the BGI Manual

Oct 22, 2019, Bridging the knowledge gap in the field of Blue Green Infrastructures

Blue Green Infrastructures (BGI) increase the resilience of urban and rural landscapes, integrating their core functions with natural features and processes. Hurdles exist in the process of translating BGI-related knowledge and data from science to practice, and a tool that facilitates this transfer is still missing. We conducted a research in collaboration with a team of partner organizations (JNCC, IFLA Europe, BiodivERsA, and NRW), to pinpoint key preliminary knowledge to design such a tool, and collected our key findings in a report downloadable on this page.