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Tim Ewart


Project manager

Tim Ewart


  •  Advisory/Management Consulting
  • Analysis & Implementation
  • Business Improvement/Transformation
  • Program/Project Design & Management

Professional Titles:

  • MPhil. in Sustainable Development Planning & Management
  • MSc. in Engineering Business Management
  • BPhil. Honours degree in Renewable Energy
  • GCC Mechanical Engineering


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Tim has a great passion for Sustainability, Future/Smart Cities, Circular/Green Economies, Renewable Energy, Mobility Solutions, Conservation, and Water & Food Security. This passion is supported by the belief that the opportunity for a socially just and more responsible world exists. He advocates for a new revolution, with a central focus on the greater ecosystem: one beyond that of industrial technological innovations, which aims on efficiency, and productivity improvements for mankind.

His preference is to assist organisations in their transition to a more sustainable future. Through strategy and business model analysis and implementation work, and through the management of related projects.

A mechanical engineer and an energy and sustainable development professional with 15 years of experience, Tim has also previously provided consulting support in aiding organisational improvement, transformation program, and project management services. His expertise lies in contributing to the growth in organisational performance. He assists organisations identifying and prioritising business objectives and operational deliverables, and in the implementation of strategic or best practices operational processes. His consulting experience includes work in renewable energy, engineering, mining/mineral processing, gas/petrochemics, freight rail, manufacturing, packaging, HVAC, chemical, steel, mobile telecommunications, automotive and Government. His experience includes work with projects in Oceania, Europe and Southern Africa.

At an innovative level, he is intrigued by biomimicry –in finding solutions to the challenges of mankind through emulating natural forms, processes and ecosystems in the creation of more circular and sustainable designs.

Tim received a GCC Mechanical Engineering, a honours degree in Renewable Energy and a MPhil. in Sustainable Development Planning & Management from the Sustainability Institute at the University of Stellenbosch South Africa. Tim also received an MSc. in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University in the UK.


Serenity Farms

Jul 25, 2019, Sustainable food production in arid regions

Serenity Farms is a concept for a sustainable 30 ha greenhouse facility for profitable food production in arid climates. The core of Serenity Farms is a repeatable ‘stamp’ design, producing the annual fresh food nutrition needs for over 60.000 people. It sources and treats water from renewable sources exclusively such as seawater, and is fully powered by the sun. This way we produce healthy, consistent, high quality fresh produce for people that currently have no direct food source, and greatly reduce the food's carbon footprint.