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Antonia Sore


Antonia Sore

Areas of expertise:

  • Architecture Design
  • Urban Planning & Design
  • Graphic Design

Professional titles: 

  • MSc Bio-ecologic Architecture & Environmental Innovation Technologies
  • MSc Architecture
  • BSc Building & Construction Engineering

Guilty Pleasure: 

  • Warm Pancakes and Drinks with Friends


  • Traveling and Discovering new cultures, Photography, good books

Antonia is an architect with many different passions and several years of experience in sustainable architecture and urban planning. She enjoys creating interactive architecture that focuses on people and the natural environment, making them involved actors instead of just passive users. Pursuing integrated sustainable designs, she challenges herself to always look from different perspectives in order to find solutions that embody economical, ecological and social sustainability.

Born and raised in 1700 year old Split on the Dalmatian coast, she has developed a sensitivity towards cultural and natural heritage since childhood. At the age of 19 Antonia moved to Italy where she graduated in Bachelor and Master degree in Architecture at the University of Florence. During her studies she has developed an interest in Urban Sociology and ever since is passionate in research about the interaction between the built environment and people’s behaviour.

Antonia joined Except initially as an intern during her 2nd level Post-Graduate Course “Sustainable Design of the built environment” and was part of the 1st Except Academy, a learning platform for interns. As an member she continues to support the academy team, eager to further strengthen her skills and help others do the same.

As an architect she believes that design is not only about the form and aesthetics but rather about the added value it generates for the environment and the society. She wants to contribute to re-building cities where people are engaged and active part of the change. In everything she does she always asks herself: why are we doing what we do and how are we contributing to the environment we live in.


ReGen Villages Oosterwold

Jun 19, 2020, Masterplan voor een zelfvoorzienende woonwijk

For ReGen Villages, we developed a globally unique masterplan for a self-sustaining housing neighborhood of 203 houses in the Netherlands. Designed on a 25 hectare site in an area called Oosterwold, just 20 minutes from Amsterdam, it exemplifies affordable, regenerative, and self sustaining living. 


Schiphol Catalyst Kantoor Innovatie

Jan 05, 2019, Een gezonder en duurzaam CBD van Schiphol

We werken samen met Schiphol Real Estate en meer dan 70 stakeholders en experts om de duurzaamheid en gezondheid van Central Business District (CBD) op Schiphol te verhogen met een multi-tennant kantoorgebouwe van meer dan 20.000 m2.

Het project realiseert integrale gesloten kringlopen, zelfvoorzienendheid, nieuwe business modellen, en gezonde en inspirerende werkomgevingen. Het gebouw zet een nieuwe standaard voor de prestatie van duurzame, gezonde, en veerkrachtige gebouwen. 



Zevenkamp through our eyes

Feb 27, 2018, The transformation of Zevenkamp into the happiest neighborhood in Rotterdam

“Zevenkamp through our eyes: a story of three students and one neighborhood” is an urban transformation project by Except Academy, a learning platform for interns at Except. We developed an inspiration book which tells the story of our journey and experiences while investigating Zevenkamp, the second largest post-war neighborhood in the Netherlands.

The purpose of the book is to inspire and share our vision of Zevenkamp’s future. It has practical examples of opportunities for the neighborhood to become flourishing and resilient with the help of its residents and stakeholders.


De Zelfrijdende Stad

Apr 12, 2017, Autonoom vervoer gebruiken voor het verduurzamen van steden

De zelfrijdende auto gaat de stedelijke samenleving drastisch veranderen. Het onderzoek ‘De Zelfrijdende Stad’ gaat in op de manier waarop, en hoe daarmee om te gaan. Wat is het, wie gaat er gebruik van maken, en wat is het effect op het stedelijk weefsel, bedrijven, openbaar vervoer, en op ons, de mensen?  We publiceren algemene analyse, patronen en richtlijnen, en vijf concrete case studies in Nederland., alles beschikbaar op deze pagina. Het project is ondersteund door het Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, met inbreng van stakeholders uit gemeenten, bedrijfsleven en kennisinstellingen.