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Tim Horsten


CSR Consultant / Ingenieur

Tim Horsten

Weakness: Being a perfectionist
Enjoys: A good movie with a surprising clue at the very end

Areas of expertise:

  • Management Consulting
  • System Analysis
  • Process Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Location: Breda, the Netherlands


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Tim rediscovered his love for sustainability early 2009, and started his own enterprise, following a diverse, partly international career in the chemical/multinational sector. During this period, Tim held a wide variety of positions in technology, operations management, product & resource management, sales, marketing and customer service management. Today these translate to a broad range of expertise, from strategy to execution.

Tim likes trying new, unorthodox ways and partnerships to overcome initial resistance to innovation. He even practices this at home where his children are allowed to refuse a new dish, but only after trying it first.

“We need to focus on what new directions may work, even though we usually have plenty of experts that think it won’t. If we want to get up to speed with sustainability, we need to act more collectively with the general interest in mind. Two areas of common interest, exactly why I enjoy working with Except !”

Tim has two Bachelor degrees, one in chemical engineering and one in business economics. He also completed the CSR Management executive program at Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance in Rotterdam.


How IKEA Is Creating a Self-Learning Supply Chain

Mei 28, 2019, Peer benchmarking tool speeds up sustainability across paper and print industries

Rotterdam, 7 oktober 2016, “I never fully realized IKEA’s true power until we did this project,” says Matthieu Leroy, Sustainability Specialist at IKEA Media Production. To improve the green procurement of paper and print for its 200-million-copy catalogue, Media Production of the furniture giant from Sweden teamed up with Except Integrated Sustainability. Together they worked with suppliers, Trade Extensions, and Deloitte on creating the world’s largest sustainability-driven Self-Learning Supply Chain.


Sustainable Food in the Desert

Sep 01, 2020, Serenity Farms: A New Model for Sustainable Food Security in Arid Regions

Food security is a critical issue worldwide, particularly in arid regions, where unfavorable local production conditions mean a dangerous dependency on food imports. In Saudi Arabia, nearly 80% of all food is imported, making the country and others like it extremely vulnerable to shocks and systemic disruptions to the global food system. Industry-changing Serenity Farms offers Saudi Arabia and similar regions a sustainable and profitable way to produce food locally, creating jobs, and using only sunlight and seawater.



Leaders for Nature

Aug 10, 2016, Van bewustzijn naar actie met het bedrijvennetwerk van IUCN

Op 17 april 2015 organiseerde IUCN het jaarlijkse Leaders for Nature Forum in Eindhoven. Except werkte met IUCN gedurende een jaar in het ontwikkelen van het concept, betrekken van stakeholders en het maken van challanges.

150 deelnemers vanuit het bedrijfsleven, kennisinstellingen en overheden werkten samen aan 10 vraagstukken rondom Natuurlijk Kapitaal. De dag eindigde in pitches waarin ieder team de oplossingen en vervolgstappen presenteerde.  


IKEA Catalogue Supply Chain Dashboards

Aug 25, 2020, Intuitive Dashboards Enable Sustainable Decision Making

The IKEA catalogue with more than 200 million copies is the largest annual print run in the world. IKEA Media Production has worked diligently to improve the catalogue’s sustainability performance. To find new ways to boost its performance, IKEA Media Production engaged Except. Together we applied a new systems-thinking approach and found powerful ways to raise performance.

With implementation partners Trade Extensions and Deloitte we created new visual big data tools in less than a year. Together we realized a sustainability-driven learning supply chain that is now helping transform the biggest paper and print suppliers worldwide.


Natural Capital is Business

Jan 31, 2017, How to bring Natural Capital into the boardroom?

Natural Capital plays a title role in our economy. To help you clarify the relationship between your economic activities and Natural Capital, Except and NXTE developed the Natural Capital Quick Scan. The scan delivers instant insight and suggests dozens of ways to mitigate risks and pick up on opportunities.


No Time To Waste (2018)

Sep 24, 2019, Jump-starting the LC Packaging sustainability journey

LC Packaging serves customers across the globe with packaging products to protect, preserve and transport goods. Except was requested to assess its baseline sustainability performance.

At product level we examined reusing Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) and found a significant CO2 emission reduction potential. At corporate level we investigated energy and water use, waste generation and CO2 emission. See below for our main findings.


Een betere IKEA catalogus

Jun 28, 2021, Hoe we de wereldwijde printindustrie veranderden

Voor Inter-IKEA hebben we de duurzaamheidsprestaties van de IKEA catalogus verbeterd door de hele toeleveringsketen te optimaliseren met één kleine maar slimme big data-tool. De tool bevat data dashboards voor inkopers, leveranciers en retailers, die de hele levenscyclus van de catalogus beïnvloeden.

De tools voor de toeleveringsketen resulteren in enorme duurzaamheidswinst op het gebied van onder ander energie, afval, en water, direct vanaf het eerste jaar, en ieder jaar daarna een beetje meer. Vanwege het printvolume van de catalogus heeft dit project een positieve invloed op de wereldwijde printindustrie. De jaarlijkse verbeteringen spreiden nu zelfs uit naar gerelateerde industrieën.

Lees de onderstaande projectcase over het proces, de strategie, de innovaties en verdere verbeterprocessen van het project.


IKEA Catalogue Story of Print

Mei 08, 2017, Interactive Story Telling Tools Promote Stakeholder Engagement

IKEA Media Production engaged Except to showcase the sustainability achievements and ambitions of its 200-million-copy catalogue. Together we created a storytelling infographic for the IKEA customer-facing staff, and a data-packed dashboard for internal stakeholders such as store co-workers, catalogue responsibles, PR, social media, communication, sustainability and marketing managers and teams. The tools have been introduced to thousands of employees, permeating learning and awareness.


Duurzame ontwikkeling Catharijnesingel Utrecht

Jul 09, 2018, Full spectrum duurzaamheidsstrategie voor stedelijke infrastructuur

Samen met KWS-Infra en tenderbureau GAIM gaf Except middels een innovatiesessie invulling aan de duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen van de gemeente Utrecht. De uitvraag van de gemeente Utrecht  betrof de sloop van een deel van het in het centrum gelegen projectgebied Catharijnesingel.


Excellente Gebieden

Mrt 01, 2018, Leren van Nieuwbouw

Under the name of Excellent Areas ("Excellente Gebieden"), a number of Dutch home construction companies and municipalities are engaged in an experiment to use the building standards of 2015 and 2020, today. By the nature of these future building standards, there is much to learn for these actors before they can profitably apply them.

AgentschapNL is the facilitator of the Exemplary Neighborhoods project, and they asked us to evaluate the instruments they have set up for the learning trajectory.


Serenity Farms

Sep 15, 2020, Sustainable food production in arid regions

Serenity Farms is a concept for a sustainable 110ha greenhouse facility for profitable food production in arid climates. The first site is to be located on the west coast of Saudi Arabia, under the vision of the Reza Investment Company. It will be the largest sustainable greenhouse operation in the world. The only water it uses is salt water sourced from the red sea, and is powered entirely by the sun. The core of Serenity Farms is a high tech food production solution that provides fresh fruits and vegetables for 170.000 people.