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With a laptop in the sun The connected world

With rapid software developments in the world, do you have a grasp on software and online technologies? Which applications are indispensable to you and why? How can tomorrow's software empower you, your business or even your society?

Understanding software starts with understanding people. Software needs to be intuitive, flexible, powerful and it needs to enable you. At Except we develop software that contributes to a better performance on system-level.

High quality software

At Except we take care to find out what it is you really need. Combining our skills in software architecture, engineering and graphics design, we aim to create high quality software that will not only meet your demands, but will exceed your expectations.

Robust core

We believe that software needs to be reliable. The service it provides needs to be available and extendable, now and in the future. Our software architects at Except are experienced and carefully maintain proven development processes to achieve that goal.

Shining exterior

The quality of a user experience lies in the details. User and program actions need to make sense, hence we use many subtle ways to guide a user or communicate an idea. Speed and flow will make you enjoy using our software, and will make you use it more effectively.


Today's software unlocks the power of being connected. We aim to connect our software to available online resources and we allow you to connect right now. What power do you unlock?

 Websites and communication

Develop your vision and share it with the world. How do you make your online presence dynamic and alive?

Online communication is two-way communication, so let your website inspire others and let it inspire you.

 Knowledge Management

In the age of information the key is to obtain, manage and distribute your knowledge in a sensible way.

Software allows fast storage and distribution of knowledge, and provides the means to customise interesting perspectives on what is available to those who are connected.

 Analysis and Simulation

Complex problems sometimes have simple solutions that are hard to find. Software enables us to predict behaviour and outcomes that can change our understanding of the world around us.

What type of research do you do before you act? How do you communicate your results?

 Accessible and mobile

Mobile computing and online services develop at an ever increasing rate. Storing data and using software at one location is a thing of the past.

Today's software applications are accessible when you need them. At Except we think about what the world needs tomorrow.


The Dandelion Project

Web 3.0 Visual Information Management & Collaboration

Dandelion is a next generation (web 3.0) software application that binds scientific, social and economic data from all over the world in an immersive visual environment. It's like google on steroids, allowing you to visually fly through three dimensional realms of information, putting it at your fingertips and making it useful.

It enables a boost in productivity for knowledge management, research and social connectivity for anyone involved with research and development.

Dandelion is developed in partnership with the Dutch government and Storrm CS consultants.

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The Except Website

Communicating the network

You are currently looking at it: a beautiful and functional website for our happy organization.

Developed by our software architects, web designers and communication specialists, it became exactly what we wanted: snappy, cool, informative and with a back-end that helps us streamline internal communication.


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Yale Carbon Calculator

Determine your footprint from travel and events

Except worked with Yale University to develop a customized online carbon calculator for the Yale Community Carbon Fund. The calculator allows anyone to calculate their footprint and directly support projects that offset this carbon.

The calculator is an intuitive and easy to use website for calculating greenhouse gas emissions from Yale events and operations:

  • Travel and transportation
  • Facility use
  • Waste generation
  • Education


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IKEA Catalogue Story of Print

Interactive Story Telling Tools Promote Stakeholder Engagement

IKEA Media Production engaged Except to showcase the sustainability achievements and ambitions of its 200-million-copy catalogue. Together we created a storytelling infographic for the IKEA customer-facing staff, and a data-packed dashboard for internal stakeholders such as store co-workers, catalogue responsibles, PR, social media, communication, sustainability and marketing managers and teams. The tools have been introduced to thousands of employees, permeating learning and awareness.

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Except Integrated Sustainability

Integrated Sustainability

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“Except does great work with a professional and dedicated group of people. They went beyond their own responsibilities in resolving conflicts, and were always quick with answers and reactions.”
-- Marjolein Mann
Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment, Policy Officer
“They always give us new perspectives and insights that accelerate our projects.”
-- Jaap Bosch
Project Developer, Eneco Wind